Juicing - Day 2

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It is the end of my second day of juicing. By juicing I mean consuming nothing but juiced fruits and vegetables and water. I am getting enough of the nutrients that I need and I am not suffering at all...not yet anyways! Since this time around I have no job, I am home all day. So what I am finding is that I have a different groove. I wake up and make my first two 16 oz juices. Actually, I make four or five cups in the morning which I sip on all day long. Then I make another four or five cups in the afternoon and, again, sip away. This way I never have a sugar spike or low blood sugar. Last year, when I would chug one 16 oz bottle of juice I would get a bunch of energy then crash a little. When I crashed I would feel...well kind of stupid...groggy and I knew I needed another juice. I was sort of living one juice to the next. This way is great. Just drink slowly and steadily all day long and it is a different story.


The steady juice drinking can be done at work as well as when you are staying at home. I just use relatively large juice bottles and a straw. Yes, a straw. Once I switched to using a straw in my cup, I instinctually just slurp bits every now and again.

As far as recipes I am still going on my Costco run of fruits and veggies. I say veggies in the plural but really I only have one vegetable, Kale. I am ok with this for the first two days and maybe I will switch up my veggies when I go get more tomorrow. That's right, I am already out. No one ever really said juicing was cheap! It isn't because you are buying and drinking tons of fruits and vegetables and it needs to be organic. The reason you must have organic produce because you can not risk having pesticides and other toxins in your system. The whole reason one juices is because it streamlines the nutrients into your system. This way it does not have to be digested and sorted. The liquid sends the vitamins and enzymes and other wonderful things right to the parts that need it. Imagine if you were doing the same with the pesticides and other bad things?

I am using varying amounts of giant green apples, blueberries, black grapes, lemons (although I never go above one lemon per juicing), kiwis, and kale. I always make sure I use a couple cups, at least, of kale. The kale I am currently using is frozen, organic, chopped kale. I had to totally defrost it before I put it in the juicer otherwise the juicer disregards the hard, frozen bits as pulp. Once I let it defrost a ton of juice started flowing. The only problem with it is the bits get EVERYWHERE! It's like little, green, slippery confetti. The next time I go shopping, tomorrow, I will get some big, dark leaves of kale so I can do a comparison.

Frozen, chopped kale.

How have I felt? As I said, I felt pretty stead all day. I did a little exercise so I drank the 10 cups a little faster than usual and as you see I drank 10 cups, 2 cups more than I normally do. I was a little hungry tonight but not too terrible. I smelled the wonderful burritos and fish tacos the boys had. Boy Howdy did that smell good.

Yesterday I took a baseline weight of myself to track my weight as these 10 days go along. I didn't remember to take it until midday so I was likely at my highest weight of the whole day. I weighed myself this morning right when I woke up and tinkled...the lightest I will weight all day today. The difference was 7.0 pounds.

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