Adult Coloring Book - Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

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I have been coloring for the last 4 years ever since a survey company sent me some colored gel pens to product test. I had so much fun with them that I went out and bought my first coloring book in 2012. It has helped me with a lot of my recovery from my illness and with handling my pain. It was only recently, when adult coloring books burst into popularity, that I bought my first set of colored pencils. I enjoyed my pens when I colored graphic designs and mandalas but I received a new book as a gift this past Christmas that required the finesse you can only get from pencils.

Link, my corgi, is helping me take the photos

That book is called Enchanted Forest and it sort of reads like a story. You begin with a map and follow little "clues" (I use the term very loosely) through the forest until you reach a castle. I have used other people's coloring examples as inspiration, although I always do my own design in the final product. I thought people might like to use my coloring pages as inspiration as well so I am posting what I have up to date below.

This is one of my favorite coloring and it is my first with using pencils
This is the first full coloring page and it is a map showing the journey you are about to take

Close up of the left side of the map
Close up of the right side of the map.
They provided a compass to help you along your way.
Here is a crest to show you where your goal is, which is the castle.
Now you begin your journey through the forest
Close up of the left side of the forest. I tried to do a Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall thing here. This shows the Winter in the white and grey trees and then Spring in the pastel trees.

This shows a close up of the right side of the forest and the Summer trees and the Fall trees.

The Owl whose inspiration was an actual owl that is red and black with a brown head and blue eyes.

As you can see, I have not completed the next coloring but when I do, I will post another blog showing where I have gotten to. I hope some of my colorings can inspire other people as others have inspired me!

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