The Experiment - The Dieting Soul

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After a week of being so good on the diet, the weekend came and everything got turned on it's ear. I have no will power as I have mentioned before. Friday I remained pretty safe. I didn't drink alcohol and I went to bed early. This was an easy act for me to do since I was all alone that night with no one or thing to tempt me. Saturday started off fantastic too. I got tons of exercise by doing six and a half hours of Spring Cleaning. It is funny how I spent so much time deep cleaning my house, tossing things out, organizing and rearranging and I only ended up getting to the bedroom and two hall closets. Having run out of energy and time, we had to leave the rest of the house in disarray. My method of deep cleaning is to move all the uncertainables to a room not yet touched by the cleaning frenzy until I have pushed everything to the final room and usually by that point I am down to a few weired objects that I don't know where to put and some dirty laundry. Since I am half way through the house I have a hallway of laundry, chairs and other furniture laying about. This is not good for the dieting soul.

If you are to go on a diet like the one I am on. I suggest you start by cleaning your house. If you have a more simple layout in your home and everything in it's place your mind is clearer and you are more at peace. (Plus it is a great workout!). This season is the best of all to do this. It's Spring!
Start with your bedroom. When dieting you need good sleep and you get the best sleep in a neat, clean, organized bedroom with neat, clean sheets and fresh air. Clean your bedroom windows. They may need it after all the rains anyways. On a warmer day, open all your windows as much as you can to let the breeze cleanse the air in your home. Get all the dust off your surfaces and clean your window sills. All this will help you feel lighter, healthier and more energized.

Next, head to your closet. Gather all the clothes you have not worn in the past year or so and donate them to charity or do what I do and send them to a family member to rummage through and then pass it along to another family member and so's like charity. Now you should be left with clothes that fit you and are in order. When you get up in the morning you can walk right to your closet and everything there is something that fits you. No more tugging down on your t shirt or being frumpy in your sweater.

Next, clean your kitchen. Throw out all your expired foods and mushy fruits and veggies. Keep your food and refrigerator organized. If you have only healthy foods in your house, you have no choice but to eat only healthy foods. Easy to reach, organized pots and pans will make cooking more enjoyable and less like a chore as well.

Clean and streamline your living room. This is where you go to relax. A messy living room is like a dirty colon. It weighs you down. If you create a zen like space, you are quieting your dieting soul.

I need to take my own advice and finish up the hallway and living room. Hopefully I get to that soon.

Also this weekend I met with my wine group where we drank lots of wine followed by more wine drinking and a pot luck of incredible food. I tried my best to not have too large a serving of each but even with that effort, there were so many dishes that my plate was completely loaded by the time I brought it to the table. Luckily, at this point, my stomach has shrunken and I was too full to have dessert.

By Monday I was not too happy with my weekend activities because I was up a pound but all the more determination to lose weight this week, right?

I have to lose 19 pounds in 79 days. Still on track I think.

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