The Expreiment Day Two

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Have you ever felt like there is a demon inside you trying to get out and you are ready to lash out on anyone who comes near you? Yeah, that is what happens to me when I don't eat. Yesterday, after eating the approximately two cups of soup I felt full so I never had my fruit smoothie for dinner. I ended up being a major grumpus last night and today I am ready to rip my coworker's heads off.

Sure, there is an upside to this, I now have only 21.5 pounds left to lose in 86 days.

I do not have the will power to stick to much of anything so today, to make up for my blunder of not eating dinner, I ended up breaking down and eating a half of a AmyLu's Caramelized Onion Chicken Burger:

It tastes much better than it looks and it is only 140 calories for a whole burger plus 22 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs, no fiber and 7 grams fat. It satisfied my need for something solid and added a bit of protein that I think I pretty much needed. I smothered the burger with my favorite salsa, Herdez 5 Chiles Salsa. So good and so spicy!!

Herdez® Salsa 5 Chiles
The heat should boost my metabolism. I have to go to the Mexican market to get a bottle of this salsa. I usually stock up when I go. I am bummed because Safeway used to sell this product but they discontinued it and now only sell a very mild Herdez salsa.

For lunch I plan on continuing the regiment of the super soup. It is the last half of my super garlicky batch. Yesterday all that garlic didn't settle in my stomach all that well but I never got sick so that is good...right?


I am doing a tiiiiiiny bit of exercise. I do walk my dog every day for about 30 minutes but most of that time is spent standing there watching him sniff nothing on the cement. I am sure that hardly counts and so does this: I got a new chair at work. It is difficult to describe. It looks like a space ship of some sort. I have had it for a couple days now and have found it fun to sit on.

I I try to keep moving as I sit on it...bouncing around, keeping my legs up to work my stomach muscles, and sitting with my legs crossed to work on balance. Some say this "works the core". It is a bit silly perhaps but fun and keeps me moving.


Tonight is going to be the first of many challenges to this diet. I am going to my parents' for dinner. I am going to tryyy to only have a little of the pork tenderloin that they are serving. We shall see if I am able to avoid having wine.

Speaking of wine and temptations, we are scheduled to taste three wines at work today. I am not one for spitting out wine so I will have to be very careful with how much I intake for two reasons. One reason is the calories. It is good to have a glass of wine every now and again. I would suggest everyone have one glass of red wine a day. I certainly do that and more on a regular basis but not for the next 86 days. Alcohol has so many calories and carbohydrates in it. Every sip is like a bite of a donut. If you want rapid weight loss, you have to skip the alcohol. The second reason I have concern about how much wine I have at work today is the alcohol itself. I am on a very low calorie, fat, everything diet right now and my stomach is pretty empty. If I have a whole glass of wine and try to drive home....I may be in a bit of trouble. I am no where near a lightweight but it is something that some people on a diet may overlook. Tolerances to alcohol can change when you are on a diet.

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