The Experiment - I eated too much!

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I was a naughty, naughty girl this weekend!! I constantly complain about the "distractions" I have from my diet. I usually have only one day of these distractions, maybe two in a week's time. This weekend I was a glutton for two days straight! This indulgence followed a period of rapid weight loss so it had a worse effect than it could have had.

It all started on Friday when I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. All last week I followed my five meal a day diet plan. I do not really understand why but the weight was just MELTING off of me. I dropped a great deal of weight by Saturday morning. To be specific, I had lost 3.5 pounds since Monday. I have absolutely no idea why. I was not doing anything particularly different. I ate about 1200 calories a day in five meal increments. I didn't have alcohol, I didn't eat within three or four hours of bedtime. That is it. I woke up Saturday thrilled about the level I had dropped down to but I was a little leery of it at the same time. A rapid weight loss like that could mean a rapid weight gain might soon follow. And that is exactly what happened, no thanks to my eating habits for the next two days.

I woke up craving chocolate frozen yogurt. This was thanks to Men's Health online magazine. I know I am not a man (duh) but I do subscribe to Men's Health because I find the nutritional and weight loss sections to be very informative. Women's Health is strongly leaned towards running and the recipes do not have the low calorie qualities I look for. Men's Health has this REALLY cool feature called "Shop once, eat for a week". This shows a list of things you can buy at the grocery store for under $50 total and then it gives you recipes that will feed you all week long with what you bought! Buuut I digress, back to frozen yogurt. Men's Health had an article about the 12 best smoothie ingredients. They offer ingredients that will boost weight loss, heart health and build muscle while tasting good at the same time. Since I teased you this far I will share the ingredients with you but I will let you go to the website yourself to find the reasons why they are so good for you.

12 Smoothie Ingredients:

Peanut Butter
Fat Free Milk
Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Pineapple-Orange Juice
Whey Protein (this is the manly ingredient0
Frozen Mangoes
And.....Fat Free Frozen Yogurt!!

The fat free frozen yogurt, they say, adds calcium and phosphorus with none of the guilt. That set me off on a need for chocolate frozen yogurt.

Before I set out on my search for frozen yogurt, I had a quick breakfast because I never want to leave the house without having my most important meal of the day. I had a poached egg on a piece of toast. As a special treat, I added a couple drops of white truffle oil to the egg. It was wonderful. For those who do not know how to poach an egg, I shall give you the simple instructions.

Poaching an egg:

What you will need:
a pot of approximately two cups of water
1 or 2 tbsp of vinegar
an egg

Heat the water to simmering. Add the vinegar. The vinegar keeps the egg from dispersing into the water giving you a nice lump of egg in the end. Crack the egg into a bowl (this will make pouring it into the water easier). Swirl the water with a spoon. This will help clump the egg together. Slide the egg into the swirling water.
Cook on simmer for about three to four minutes. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon making sure to get as much water out of the egg as possible. Placing it on a dry paper towel or dish cloth will help drain the egg of water too.
I like to add a little more vinegar to the water because it adds a little vinegar flavor to the egg which I like and it keeps me from adding too much salt to flavor the egg later. One tablespoon of vinegar will suffice though.

Armed with a good breakfast I headed out to find my chocolate frozen yogurt. I know nothing of frozen yogurt save for what Men's Health said so I didn't know what to expect. I have not had frozen yogurt since I was about ten years old. I used my trusty Android and found a TCBY. Before I entered the store I saw a sign on the door that read "Everything we serve is at 96% fat free or more". I was impressed and encouraged by the sign. Inside there were about 8 different choices of yogurts, all of varying amounts of fat-freedom. To my delight, the chocolate variety was Fat Free! I did a bit of research on TCBY's yogurts and found that a half cup serving of the "Double Dutch Chocolate Fat Free Frozen Yogurt" has 110 calories, 4 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 3 grams fiber, and 24 grams carbs. I had the Kiddie Cup which is only 1/3 of a cup so I was enjoying even less of all those carbs and calories. A poster on the wall in the store said that there are also seven active probiotics in the yogurt as well which they say enhances your immune system and assists in digestion.
The person I was spending the day with was hungry and we ended up at Subway. He bought a foot long sandwich because, after all, they are only $5 as we all know. I said I would have just a bite. I ate half the sandwich. I couldn't help myself! According to their commercials, Subway CAN be low calorie and low fat but we got the sandwich with the salami and pepperoni and provolone cheese. I am sure that wasn't all that low cal. In fact, according to the Subway website, I consumed 500 calories and 21 grams of fat. Oh well! then I watched a movie so I was just sitting there for a couple hours. After that, I kept on with my over-eating and went to sushi with friends.

Sushi, itself, is not a terrible food to eat, but I ate until I was stuffed. At least I got the rolls with the multi grain rice instead of the regular white rice. I was with a bunch of friends so we ended up at my house and like a good host I served some nice red wine. I had a couple glasses of you can see my calories are adding up.

I went to bed stuffed and feeling a might bit guilty. All of the foods I ate were healthy, if eaten alone, but I stacked large portions on top of large portions. Sunday was Easter and I didn't stop the over eating for the rising of our Lord from the dead. Ohhh nooo....We had brunch at an Italian restaurant. I had a whole serving of polenta (which is actually very good for you) smothered in butter and mushrooms and topped with truffle oil. I also had a whole serving of spinach ravioli stuffed with sausage and topped with tomatoes and cheeses. Oh woe is me!

To summarize my weekend mistakes: I ate food that was relatively healthy for me, I just at WAY TOO MUCH of it all. This week I need to make up for it with lots of fruit smoothies and lean proteins. We shall see. I have 15 pounds to lose in 53 days.

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