The Experiment - Great Breakfast Recipe

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As it gets closer and closer to my trip I get more and more concerned that I will not meet my goals. This causes me to feel the need to blog more regularly. I figure if I am talking about it, I am thinking about it. BELIEVE me, I am thinking about it. Last weekend's wine group meeting was a killer. 8 glasses of (wonderful) wine and all that food wreaked havoc on my body. I feel like I am still recovering two days later. I can not let this get me down. What is done is done. I have to realize that those TWO ice cream sandwiches I ate were a once in long time thing. Homemade gingersnap cookies and Meyer lemon ice cream. I mean, come on!! I have no choice but to move forward.

Important note: In a previous blog I mentioned a product that I used when I regretted what I had eaten. I said that I would use it after a night of eating too much. It is a tea that contains a plant called Senna. I have since learned that Senna can cause liver and kidney damage. I consulted my doctor and he said to stop using Senna in my diet. I have stopped using the tea and recommend anyone using it to stop doing so as well. I normally would put up with minor stomach cramps if it meant getting rid of a night of overindulgence but when you start talking renal failure and liver damage I draw the line!

So what am I doing to "erase" what I have done this past weekend? Number one thing to do is nothing. I just keep on keeping on.
It has been working for the past few weeks so I just need to put a set back aside and move forward. Number two thing: Prunes. I am adding prunes to my diet. I don't know if this will do anything or not but it can't hurt, right? Prunes are very healthy for you. I am having about 5 or 7 a day. I will try it out this week having the prunes as a snack and see if there is any change in anything. They are very filling, specially when I have them with a liter of water in the morning.

Speaking of mornings, I had a great breakfast this morning. It took no time to make and it was full of protein, fiber and vitamins. I thought I would share it with you.

Huevos Rancheros

1 egg
1/2 can kidney beans
1/2 avocado
1 small tomato
Hot sauce

Place beans in a bowl, microwave for 45 seconds. Chop avocado and tomato and place over the beans. Poach the egg and place it on top of everything. Cover with hot sauce to taste.
Calories: 259, Fat: 6g, Carbs: 33g, Fiber: 10g, Protein: 18g

Sorry for the dark, blurry picture, I took it at 5 in the morning with my cell phone.

This breakfast is very filling and tasty. It fills me up until my morning snack of prunes which keep me full until my lunch. For lunch I am having chicken breasts still. I buy the frozen breasts at Costco because they are already cleaned up, they are the right size and they don't go bad.

We can just take a few breasts out in the morning before work and they are defrosted by the time we get home. The bf is an expert with the barbecue so they come out perfect and juicy with a nice smoky flavor. We do not add anything to the breasts before or while they are being cooked. The flavor of the charcoals is enough and we don't have to add any sugar or salt to our diet. I like to bring a breast to work and reheat it. I discovered a wonderful topping for it too. At the local Mexican market I came across these mini cans of salsa.

Salsa is a fantastic thing to have on a diet because it is basically just fresh vegetables all chopped up. These little guys are 7 oz and I can bring them to work and keep them without having to refrigerate them until I am ready to use them. They are only like $0.70 each. I cut up my chicken breast, pop the top of the salsa and dip!

A filling and complete lunch with minimal effort. Just like I like it.

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