Almost Harvest!!!

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My job has seasons. It is something I love about my job. I am not doing the same thing year round. We just came out of Tirage season which is when we bottle the wine then let it sit for a year or more as the yeast forms the bubbles in the bottle. The season we are heading into now is Harvest. Harvest is when we actually harvest the grapes. The grapes come in, get dumped into a press and pressed. The juice is collected and allowed to ferment in giant tanks. My job is quality control throughout the entire process. Harvest lasts about three months and during those three months I work 16 hour days six or seven days a week. Needless to say, I will be blogging a little less during this season.

These next few weekends are precious to me because they are the last of my summer. They are the last time I will have two days off in a row until at least Halloween. I try to really pack in summer activities. I had one activity that I didn't quite finish the last time I tried. This past weekend I had to take care of unfinished business. I am talking about Alamere Falls. If you recall in my last blog, I ended up going on the wrong trail and hiked 14 miles total. This time around I only hiked 11 miles but I made it to the falls. It took us about 5 hours to complete and I am sore today for it but it was totally worth it. I am posting some pictures below to prove I did it:

We hiked way past the falls (you can see them in the distance) then doubled back along the beach

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