Greek Veggie Salad - Summertime goodness

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Whole Food's Greek Salad

Every day I try to use some of the fruits and vegetables I received from Farm Fresh To You. I hope this excitement never goes away. I spend my afternoons day dreaming about ways to eat, cook and serve the different varieties I have in my box. Last night was the bf's turn to cook. (We both love to cook so we have to switch turns.) He used up the carrots in a pretty tasty way which is a rare thing for me to say because I think carrots taste horrible. I do not know what recipe he used but I found several similar ones online. He cut the carrots into one inch chunks and boiled them. He added honey and sesame seeds. I liked them a lot. I think if I were to make them I would add some savory flavors. Maybe some soy sauce, ginger and hot pepper flakes. If I get more carrots, I will make something up and share it with you.
Carrots with honey and sesame
I was up very late last night. I usually go to bed around 8:30pm because I have to get up at 4:00am for work. Last night my ear was hurting me really bad so I took a pain pill. Pain pills are good and they are bad. They are good at stopping the pain. They are bad because I can not sleep when I have taken one. So there I was in a catch 22. I can't sleep with ear pain but I can't sleep on the pain killers. I opted for being awake with no pain over being awake and in pain. I lay on the couch watching Cheers until about 10:00pm when I started getting the late night munchies, another phenomenon I rarely experience. I rummaged through the kitchen looking for snacks. I found crackers but no spreads or cheese. I found kettle chips but that was a bit fatty for me. Then I came across my box of veggies. I thought, how can I use these as a snack? I ended up making a veggie salad that I totally devoured. It was so good! I found the recipe on the Whole Foods website here. I used the recipe as a guideline for the ingredients but did not use the volumes suggested. I used up my cucumber, two tomatoes, a bell pepper and half of an onion from my veggie box. I also got to use oregano from my new herb garden. I am posting the recipe below.

Greek Vegetable Salad

2 slicing tomatoes
1/2 onion
1 bell pepper
1 cucumber
1/2 cup chopped kalamata olives
1/2 cup crushed feta cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp red wine vinegar
coarsely crushed pepper and salt.

1. Cut tomatoes, onion and bell pepper into bite sized pieces and place in a bowl
2. Cut the cucumber in half then strips and dice into bite sized pieces
3. Add the olives and feta
4. In a separate bowl whisk the oil and vinegar with the salt and pepper.
5. Pour dressing over vegetables and mix gently

It's very yummy and it has nothing bad for you in it. I ate about half of the salad last night and didn't feel terrible about it the next day. I refrigerated the left over salad and brought it to work today. It had time to marinade so now the flavors are melded. I can't wait for lunch time!
Lunch Time at Work

Granted, my picture taken at my desk with my phone camera isn't as pretty. Plus, the salad has been in the fridge over night. It still tastes fantastic. I love the bits of oregano.

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