Good Start

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I thought I would drop a wee note here because I wanted to share my good start. I feel that if I share it, it inspires me to continue. Perhaps, it inspires someone else too but who am I kidding, I am pretty selfish. I will blog if it makes me thin whether or not people are reading this...even though it would be nice if people read it.

Here is why I am dropping a wee blog today. I have been sticking to my plan. For the past few days I have been eating a relatively large breakfast with carbs and protein. There is a reason that eggs are known to be a breakfast food. They are great! For lunch I have been eating farm fresh lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes. How easy is that to make in the morning to bring to work? Once at work I add a little olive oil and vinegar and season with a little salt and pepper. As a morning and afternoon snack I have peaches and plums even though I have learned I do not like plums.
Evil Plum

How did plums become a fruit anyways? I love prunes but I do not understand how they come from plums because plums are watery, flavorless balls wrapped in a sour skin. Am I eating them wrong? I don't know.

Last night I made a meal that used up my celery. I dislike celery as well. I decided to make a soup. I plopped some potatoes, an onion, the whole giant thing of celery and some garlic in a pot. Then I added some broth and a little soy milk. I added a bit of salt and pepper. Then I went into the refrigerator and found a few things I wanted to get rid of and tossed them in too. What the hell, right? I added two peaches, one plum and an anchovy. I cooked it all up, put it in the vita-mix and blended it away. It was pretty good.

This week I have gotten myself back into a situation where I need to lose a pound a week for the next 13 weeks. We'll see how much junk food I can avoid this weekend.

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