Spice up your Metabolism

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Harvest has ended. I did not do the things I said I would do as far as trying to lose weight during that crazy time. I am not saddened by it though because I managed to maintain the same weight when I usually gain a few pounds. I hope to be back on track starting now and heading forward. I would like to start losing weight again. Hawaii is in 39 days so it's time to suck it up and get serious.

I have not had much time to do research or make a plan but I learned some more tips on how to increase your metabolism by adding some spices to your diet. Below is a list of yummy spices you can use in your recipes to add flavor and to boost your metabolism.

Cayenne Pepper:
I have mentioned this spice before. It has actually been proven to help boost your metabolism by heating up your body and increasing your circulation. Cayenne has a chemical in it called capsaicin which is known to be a thermogenic chemical. It speeds up your metabolism and decreases your appetite for up to three hours after ingesting it. Cayenne is known to also help maintain a healthy blood pressure, increase your blood flow, promote a healthy digestive tract and can even increase your sex drive. Hey-O! Why would you NOT increase your cayenne pepper intake?

Have about a teaspoon a day. You can get capsules if you do not like the spice. You can also mix one teaspoon with one glass of water and drink it once a day. I like to just add it to one of my meals because I love spicy foods anyways.

This is a versatile spice because you can add it to your sweet or savory foods. Cinnamon is known to reduce your blood sugar and promote the processing of carbohydrates thereby boosting the body's weight loss ability. It is also thought to be good for arthritis, heart health, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure.

Have a half to a whole teaspoon a day. You can mix it into your oatmeal or some unsweetened applesauce. You can even sprinkle it on ground turkey for an exotic flavor.

Ginger contains a substance that stimulates the gastric enzymes which can boost your metabolism. Ginger is also known to help lower cholesterol and improve gastric mobility. It is very good for digestion which can soothe your stomach when you are trying to diet. It keeps uncomfortable gas out of your body and reduces the acid in your stomach.

I like to use fresh ginger in my dinners or you can use it in powdered form. There are also supplement pills and ginger teas you can take to get more ginger into your diet.
Mustard Seed:
Mustard, like cayenne, is a thermogenic spice that can increase your circulation and boost your metabolism. Mustard is packed with nutrients like iron, manganese, zinc, protein and calcium.

You can get more mustard seeds in your diet by eating more mustard. You can also sprinkle the seeds on salads. Mustard powder can be used in many recipes as well.
Green Tea and White Tea
These teas have caffeine in them which is known to boost metabolism and calorie burning. Then why not drink coffee instead? Coffee has the caffeine but it lacks the antioxidants that tea has. It is the antioxidents WITH the caffeine that really gives your metabolism a kick in the pants. Most people know about how good green tea is for you but I am also mentioning white tea. White tea has as much as three times the amount of antioxidants in it than green tea but it has less caffeine. This makes white tea a fantastic alternative for people like me who are sensitive to caffeine.

These spices and herbs are all great for giving your metabolism a good boost but, of course, they will not do it alone. You must combine these supplements with a healthy diet and some exercise for them to work. Otherwise you are just left with your mouth on fire and funny smelling breath.

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