Day 2: Planes, Boats and Automobiles

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The second day of my vacation was spent traveling. We were up at 4:30am so we could catch the airpoter. I love airporter. This may be a surprising thing to hear from someone who normally can not take public transportation but the airporter is different. It isn't a dirty, stinky bus where you have to sit arm to arm with miserable strangers. It is a clean, fresh, happy bus full of excited, clean people. I love getting on the bus. I love the smell of it. I love riding through San Francisco watching all the people who are not going on vacation shuffle around trying to wake up. the main reason I love the airporter is because being on it means I am going to the airport and going to the airport means I am going on vacation.
Airplanes I can manage as well for the same reason but not quite as well. Even if my social anxiety might be relatively under control, my Rheumatoid Arthritis is not. despite all my precautions and medications aimed at making this a pain free trip, a 14 hour flight (including layover) is murder on my joints. I tried to make it as pain free as possible. I timed steroid, Vicodin, arthritis and other meds to coincide with certain times of my flight but I am resigned to the fact that travel without pain is inevitable.
That aside I am so happy I brought my Motorola Xoom because I watched movies that I actually WANTED to see. We have all heard of "direct to DVD" movies but I think there is an equally as terrible category called "direct to in flight" movie.
The flight from our layover in Washington Dulles Airport (which on a side note has NOTHING for souviners for the Supreme Court and the employees of the stores have no idea what that even is..I digress...) to Geneva was 43 seats empty and I was the lucky person to be alone in the three seat center row. I was soooo excited.  I NEVER am able to sleep on planes but I figure if I have THREE seats I just might make it. That is what I get for getting excited. Despite my attempt to save the seats from wandering passengers with coats strewn across the seats, some guy sat down on the opposite side. Grrrrr.
I made a point that the seat between us was 'mine' by stretching,my feet over and piling my jackets on it. He got the picture but it didn't matter....I couldn't sleep either way. I still won on principle IMO.
We arrived in Geneva at about 9am and got our Ford sedan. A little tip about flying in to Geneva Airport and renting a car: You land in Switzerland but half of the airport is in France. Switzerland uses Swiss Francs and France uses the Euro. the current exchange rate behooves you to find your way to the French part of the airport to rent your car. It saved us about $400.
I am very tired but I shall talk about our day when we arrived in another blog. Still learning how to put pics on these with my Xoom so here is a boat ride we took in Annecy.

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