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I am home now. The trip was just fantastic. I am so glad I brought the Xoom with me so I could keep a little online journal. It took some getting used to. There are still a lot of things I can't figure out on the Xoom and with my limited access to the internet, I made some goofy looking blogs but that is OK.

Coming home was nice because I missed the bf and the dog very much. The day I got home, some friends came over and we had a movie night. Even though I could not stay awake past midnight. It is good to be home all the same.

But I miss vacation....already. The weather here is sucky; Cold, rainy, dark. Not the weather you expect to have in June. My arthritis is acting up, I am tired and I have to drive all the way to work everyday just like always. So I have decided to try to do little things every day to make myself FEEL like I am still on vacation. Something to feel special or to look forward to at the end of the day.

A nice, chilled bottle of Champagne to welcome you home from work.

June 1st is a Wednesday. I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of Sparkling Wine. In the morning I put a bottle of Roederer Brut in the fridge. All day, while I was at work, I knew that little bottle was waiting for me at home. I know what you are thinking....I MAKE sparkling wine for a could it be special if I get it for free every day?

Well, it is. I have not had a nice bottle of Champagne in a while. I love the wine we make but because this is a bottle of someone else's wine, wine I had to BUY, it becomes special.

Dr. Katz is one of the funniest shows I know of

I got home, put on some Dr. Katz, one of my favorite shows ever, and popped the bottle. I got out the nice champagne flutes to make it a little more special. We cooked up some chile rellenos which is one of my favorite dishes. I skipped the breading and the frying to try to keep it a little light. It was a great evening....specially for a Wednesday.

Tomorrow: Something else. Not sure what but it will likely involve food. I hope this doesn't make me fat!

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  1. There is nothing better than Chile Rellenos and Bubbly!

  2. This is something I have learned. Cheers!