Let the Juicing Begin

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Today is my first day of a 10 day juice diet. To prepare I read a lot of blogs, videos, books and recipes. I gathered tons of information and made a game plan. I went to Costco and ended up buying whatever they had at that moment. I got oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, baby kale, spinach, cantaloupe, lemons, carrots, bell peppers, mangoes, kiwis, grapes and apples. I got home, ordered pizza and started drinking a lot of wine. I figure I would go out with a bang.

I know, I know...it is common knowledge among juicers that one is supposed to go on a sort of mini diet to lead up to the actual juicing. This is meant to get your body, mind and stomach ready for what is about to happen to them. I am a rebel. I do things my own way. I sometimes have to pay dearly for it, but I love pizza and I love wine. So I threw a little party for the three of us.

I am sharing this with you because I had a bit too much wine last night. That was the genius time to start making the juices for my first day...today. They came out fine but I have no idea what is in any of them. I made two big water bottles full of juice to bring to work. I can tell you what they taste like but I just chopped up a bunch of stuff that I had and juiced it. I repeated those two steps until my water bottles were full and I called it a night.

This morning I got up a little early and made a breakfast juice that was so so tasting. I used two oranges, one mango and two big handfuls of spinach. It was fine enough. I hear it is good to have a fruit forward drink for breakfast. At about 9:30am I had my first bottle of juice. It definitely had grapefruit in it. It was the color of some baby poop but tasted pretty good. I think I put some kale and spinach in there somewhere and possibly a lemon.

At lunch time I opened the second juice. It was not as pleasant as the first. This one smelled strongly of bell pepper. I recall trying to get an entire rainbow of fruits and veggies into this one. I put a red bell pepper, a couple carrots, an orange, a green apple, handfuls of spinach and baby kale and blueberries. Sounds gross? Yeah, it pretty much was. The color was an unappetizing brown.

Lesson learned. You can not just toss anything into the juicer and hope that so long as there is some fruit, it will taste yummy.

I weighed myself this morning to get a base weight for this ten day juice feast. Tomorrow I hope to be able to report a slight drop.

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