The Parisian Diet

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I have looked at my stats and it appears that most people love my recipes. That makes me thrilled and I shall post more now that I know what I make interests people. I never thought I was that special. The BF always tells me that whatever it is I make is the BEST of whatever that is that he has ever had. I believe him too. I know he isn't the type to lie like that for no reason. I am coming to realize that I am a good cook. A damn good one. And I don't mean one that cooks recipes well, but rather one that makes up stuff and it tastes really really good. So I promise to make up more recipes.

Along those lines, I also have some popular views about my diets. My made up healthy recipes and more so, the blogs I post about fad diets are also hella popular. So, I am going to begin another diet, but here's the twist sorry, had to post a link to my favorite show there. I digress....I bought the book and I dislike most of the things in it. I will be changing the diet to meet my needs and likes. I need less carrots, broccoli and fish and more chicken, green beans and corn. This is how I roll.

I bought the book because I love Paris and I love all things French, aka, I am a die hard Francophile. The title sang to me. The obligatory three stages are titled The Cafe Stage, The Bistro Stage and The Gourmet Stage. How cute is that?? I will share more about the actual diet and my changes in following blogs. I just wanted to begin here to get ready. I begin on a Monday, which is tomorrow. I leave for Europe in 25 days from tonight. I am not looking to lose all kinds of weight, but I am always looking to lose weight. Thank GOD I am not on prednisone anymore. That stuff was like the wall of Berlin to my health. I could not do anything to help my health while on that poison. Although, it DID help my pain greatly, it made me a monster. Yes, the actual side effects are, besides ruined bones and organs, is a hunch back and fat face. I, once again, digress. I am not on that stuff anymore, but for anyone who is looking to me for help losing weight while on prednisone, I can not help you. Oh how I tried to find a way, to no end. If YOU know of a way to keep healthy while on steroids, PLEASE let me know. Message me. I tried my heart out to write a health book for those of us on the stuff and I would love love love to actually write one. I already named the book: The Prednisone Diet.  Message me, really.

Back to The Parisian Diet. It is a cute book. It looks like a good book. It has the usual because dieting is always the same stuff in the end; lower calorie intake, less refined carbs, more vegetables and some fruit blah blah blah. This one, I can tell you, had more yogurt than most. The French love yogurt. I am not as huge a fan but there is a difference too. French yogurt is totally different from American yogurt. If I find a place or store that sells French yogurt, I will for sure share with you, but as it stands, I will be using Kiefer instead of American yogurt. The rest of the diet is the same old same old as I said.

I have to get to bed right now, but I will share the exact diet as well as my twists with you in the blogs to come. Get ready, for tomorrow, I will begin The Parisian Diet with you.

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  1. You can recalculate your Right Weight if you can stay at your initial Right Weight for 6-12 months. :) Although, yeah, might not make it in time for November....

    1. Well, aren't you smart? I did not think of that. I am actually going on a trip in May so I will be taking a small hiatus from the diet, then returning to follow it more. I now know I can recalculate. Thank you for the input!