Day 2 - 2013 Europe Trip - First Whole Day in Munich.

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We got wonderful sleep despite the all night party that was going on outside. I am glad we are on the fourth floor, at least, so we could be a little above the noise. I didn't mind though, and the bf had his ear plugs so we were great. We got a little over eleven hours sleep and we sure needed it. We woke up and made it down for breakfast around nine o'clock. Here is a small idea of what the spread looked like:

The breakfast spread was incredible. There were the usual yogurts, cheeses, lunch meats, granola and stewed prunes. There was also lots of fruits, fresh squeezed orange juice, donuts, scrambled eggs, and boiled sausages. There was any type of bread one could ever want from rye to croissants. They really wanted to give us coffee but neither of us drink the stuff. I did get some peppermint tea. I had a bit of a headache so I wanted to make sure I was well hydrated for the day. I drank a Yakult, mint tea, lots of orange juice, and cool water. I rarely see a breakfast place that offered water at all, let alone at a cool temperature. To continue my hydration breakfast I had some fresh pineapple, kiwi, stewed apples and melons all over three types of yogurt. I also made myself three meat and cheese sandwiches. The bf was adventurous and had all sorts of little appetizers that were laid out. Some were stuffed mushrooms. There were cheese balls with cucumber, olives, various fish things, shrimp, squashy things. The list goes on and on.

This is just round one of breakfast that morning.

We left satisfied with full bellies. Breakfast is often included with the hotel in Europe and they are usually big like this one was. What I try to do is eat the biggest meal of the day for breakfast, then not eat until later in the afternoon at which time I'll have a light snack like a crepe or an eiskaffe or ice cream. An eiskaffe is just coffee with a scoop of ice cream added. I mentioned that I don't do coffee but I make some exceptions. I could also have an eischocolate. You can use your imagination to figure out what that one is. We gathered what we needed for the day and headed out the door. We walked straight to the Deutsches Museum. I knew the bf would love this place. He kept asking me what was in the museum but I had great difficulty describing it to him because, as my mom put it "it is a museum of absolutely everything!". It was nice to walk into the museum because it was chilly out and was starting to sprinkle rain. We walked in to see a massive old ship with its sails up. We immediately went to the third floor, to the astronomy exhibit. The astronomy section took up a portion of the third floor and the fourth floor. I had planned on spending two hours at the museum but we got caught up as we walked through the computer science section, the music section and the mathematics section as we made our way to the physics display. Physics took up a large portion of the first floor. It was fun because you can learn by hands on demonstrations. We ended up in the airplane room where tens of full sized airplanes reside.

Having fun with mirrors at the museum.

We left the museum around two in the afternoon and walked in the sprinkling rain to Hofbraukeller. This hofbrau is owned by the Hofbrauhaus we visited on our first night but this one is not a tourist attraction like the other is. It does have some fame as being the site where Adolf Hitler gave his first political speech as a member of the Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, on October 16, 1919. An interesting fact to tuck away somewhere. Look it up, it is an interesting read. Once inside and, more importantly, out of the rain, we wandered around unsure how to get a table. It seemed that every one was reserved. The bf kept telling me to just ask someone what to do but my German is not that good and I was feeling shy. I finally broke down and asked in horrible, very broken and shattered German. The waitress, who was a very sweet lady with boobs spilling out of her traditional tracht dress, responded in English and helped us find a table that had no reservation on it. This restaurant has a lovely beer garden and which is why I chose it. It is on several top ten lists of the best beer gardens in the whole city of Munich. The rain and frosty weather kept us indoors today. It was fine though because the inside is cozy and cute with murals painted on the walls and carved wooden chairs. We struggled with the menu because even though I printed an English version it didn't match the German one we were given. The bf was convinced one dish had fish in it. I brushed off my horrible German once again and asked if the dish was vegetarian. The nice server last offered us English menus. Much, much better. I ordered the perfect meal for me and the bf did the same. It made it worth it to eat a big lunch. The rain and cold took a lot out of us so there was no skipping meals today. The bf ordered a scrumptious tomato and cream soup which was a wonderful starter to come out of the rain to. He also got a giant dish of spinach and cheese cannelloni. I ordered a small plate of veal schnitzel which came with a currant jam and a mustardy potato salad. This meal of mine would turn out to be one of the best of the whole trip. I recommend Hofbraukeller to any and every one. I warmed myself further with a tasty Munich Weiss beer. It was a wheat beer and my favorite so far this trip. I hope to come across that beer much more often. My credit card worked finally. It was rejected at the Hofbrauhaus the night before.

Perfect schnitzel and creamy tomato soup.

Feeling warmed from the inside out, we began our short walk to the tram that would take us back to the Altstadt to see some more cool stuff. We were waiting at the bus stop when the bf said we should just walk. So we did, and that is when the rain came pouring down. It was also very gusty. We saw lots of broken umbrellas today. Out tiny, flimsy, little travel umbrella caused us more grief than protection. We walked on to a church called Asamkirche. It sticks out on the street it is situated on making the plain buildings on either side look as if they are not even there. It is a relatively small church with a huge ornate, decorative, personality. The inside was even more outrageous. Gold, glass, mirrors and more covered every millimeter of this tiny church. We spent a long time here. We had to, just to catch all the incredible detail. The ceiling looks like the Sistine chapel. There were golden skeletons and skulls and saints and angels carved out of marble. It is the busiest looking church I have ever seen. I loved it, it is beautiful.

Inside the Asamkirche in Munich.

We popped back to the hotel to put warmer layers on and dry shoes. We made it to the glockenspiel just in time for the five o'clock show. On the Mareienplatz, there is a fancy church with a bell tower that has huge carvings and statues that spin around and dance kind of like a giant cuckoo clock. It rings bells all day beginning at seven. I know this because our hotel is very close to the glockenspiel. Only at 11, 12, and 5 o'clock do the objects dance and joust and frolic. As we approached the plays we saw all the people gathering to see it too. We lucked out and snagged a dry spot that was shielded from the wind. We huddled at an ATM as the bells began. A whole song was played and all the little men and woman started dancing. There are two stories of moving parts. It must have lasted fifteen minutes. The weather was getting colder and colder so at the end of the show we ducked into St Peter's church. I lit two candles. The bf is atheist and as such never wants to do anything that could be construed as praying so I told him to make a wish for better weather and light a candle. He obliged. I did the same only with prayer. Just outside and around the corner of the church we paid a couple Euro to climb the three hundred steps to get a panoramic view of Munich. The bf has been going crazy with video filming everything so he wooshed up ahead of me. I took a long while to get up but I am amazed and quite proud that I got up at all with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and such cold weather. Yay for me! My reward was a breathtaking 360 degree views of the beautiful city.  As we looked out into the distance we saw various church spires poking out into the sky. We walked around the tower on planks of wood that moved under the weight of our bodies. It reminded me of when I walked around one of the Golden Gate Bridge towers. It was narrow and shaky but apparently safe enough. I looked right down onto the Marienplatz, the Rathaus, the glockenspiel and the lovely red tiled roofs of all the buildings in the area. We smooched and took lots of pictures then headed back down. This time the bf stuck with me to help me down. I swear, going down is much more difficult on the ol' knees than going up.

I was giggling because the rain was pelting me from the side!

I was also smiling because it was breathtakingly beautiful.

We decided while we were up top that we wanted to check out another church we saw from above. We found our way to it and walked in. It was more crowded than the others. That is when we realized that mass was about to begin. The bf was kind enough to let me sit there for the beginning of the mass. I have always wanted to attend a foreign mass and there we were in a church, on Sunday. We stayed for a bit then went back out into the cold in search for some hot chocolate. We picked a cafe in the middle of the Marienplatz. I didn't order whipped cream, it just came with it. Whipped cream in Europe is nothing like in the US. It is one churn away from being butter. We went over what we had spent that day and cozied up to our cocoas. At this point we are quite familiar with the layout of the Old Town so we navigated back to out hotel for some drying off, warming up, and naps. Neither of us were hungry yet so we took the time to rest our feet.

In the hotel, we were so comfy, tired...exhausted...we were warming up, thawing out and needing rest. I kept sitting up from our lay down and checking if we were hungry and able to go get dinner. My checks got farther apart and eventually ceased. We slept like angels. It was so necessary and wonderful.

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