Juicing - Day 4

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I find it to be true that it gets easier after the third day. I think a lot of things in life is like that. I recall when I would travel with my parents and brother for a month in Europe it was always the third day one or all of us used to have a melt down. Once that third day was over, it was like nothing ever happened. I wonder what it is about three days. Whatever it is, I am glad I am feeling less woozy and stupid.

Half vegetable, half fruits are working for me so far.

I have been making more variations of juices with the produce I bought yesterday. I made two six cup juices in total today. Both were about half veggie and half fruit. Maybe a tiny bit more fruit. I used two containers full of kale in one and in the other juice I used two leaves of collard greens and a whole container full of the red leaf lettuce. I added some ginger to one and cucumber to the other. Despite the high sodium in cantaloupe I am still stuck with half a melon so I decided to use it sparingly in every juice. That way I don't get a lot of sodium on one particular day. What I mean by saying 'container' is the chute that I put the produce into. I fill it up, smash it down and place the plunger on top. Then I turn on the juicer. It is interesting to see what fruits and veggies each produce; how much, what color, how strong the flavor. I then dump whatever is in the juice cup right into the VitaMix to be blended with 8-10 ice cubes. Some other ingredients I used were grapes, apples, always a lemon in every juice, oranges, butternut squash and zucchini. Today's juices, because I tried to make it 50:50 vegetables to fruit, tasted, as one might imagine, more vegetal. I was alright with it because I made it really really cold with all the ice and the flavor is mostly an undertone so I tried to ignore it and focus on the citrus and fruits.

Brain Fog

Today I learned that just because I feel ok does not make me immune to a big dip in energy and concentration. I had to drive an hour up north to see my pain doctor and get my prescription. I had been drinking my juice all morning and felt just fine. I decided to leave my juice at home because I didn't want it to get all warm and gross in the car. I truly can not handle a warm or even room temp juice. I made the trip up just fine. It was on hour drive back down to my hospital that I started to notice I felt my concentration loosening up a little. I was not going to crash or anything like that. It was just a little zoning on the license plate of the car in front of me for a little too long. Once I got back to my hometown hospital to fill my 'script I noticed that I was getting winded unmistakably faster than usual. Just walking on the flat surface from my car to the pharmacy was making me weak. I should have brought along the juice. I learned I can not go two hours, probably one hour without sipping the juice. I did have water in the car but that didn't help my energy noticeably in any way.

Well, not this bad.

The little snafu aside, I am feeling better than I have in the past three days. I forget I am even juicing. Here is a silly story because I am silly: I received a package that is a gift for a friend. I put it into my drawer of gifts to be given out. I saw some chocolate I had been nibbling on a month or two ago so I mindlessly grabbed it. I was walking around munching on it when I realized what I was doing!! It is either part of the brain fog or like I said, I am forgetting that I am juicing. Another thing I feel is sleepier at night than I used to. Problem with that is that I have to pee all night long. Makes sense, right? I am drinking nonstop all day long so I am also peeing nonstop all day and night long. Tonight I am going to stop drinking at 9:30 and I will see how that goes. Tomorrow I will adjust accordingly. I am so sleepy and comfortable at night I really wish it wouldn't keep getting ruined by my jumping in and out of bed half the night.

Weight Loss:
I lost 1 pound since yesterday. That makes a total of 9.8 pounds. I am pretty sure that my previous calculations may have been off. I am too lazy to go back and look but if you noticed that they were, let's chalk that up to the brain fog, ok? Thanks, I appreciate it. Tomorrow..half way there!

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