Boring 1990's Night Stands Get A Glamorous Make-Over

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Every day I looked at my furniture and saw shoulder pads and puffy pants
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In 1996 I bought a house with my then husband. We had a huge, brand new master bedroom and mismatched college kid, thrift store furniture to fill it. This was not acceptable so like the grown-ups we were trying to be, we bought a whole new bedroom furniture set. The marriage lasted two years unlike the furniture which I dragged around with me for 17 more years. When my boyfriend and I amalgamated our furniture as we shacked up it became apparent how dark, outdated, giant and clunky my 1990's furniture was. Piece by piece I sold off half of the set. I sold the massive bed frame and then the armoire. I put the dresser to use as a buffet in the dining room. We were left with the end tables. We need night stands so we can't sell them. They work, they are functional and they are sturdy. I decided to try my hand at spray painting to see if I could get them to match the rest of my current bedroom.

An example of what my bedroom furniture looked like in the showroom.

An example of  a massive, dark-ish wood bedroom set. It sure has a presence, no? There is nothing elegant or glamorous about anything in this photo if you ask me.

I bought two cans of black semi-gloss spray paint and one can of metallic gold spray paint. I didn't even bother sanding. I washed, wiped down and dried them. I taped off the outside and painted the inside with the gold spray paint. I learned to keep the can moving or drips would occur. I also sprayed the silver handles so that they were gold too. The result was a satin-like metallic gold finish. I let that dry overnight. Next, I took plastic bags, ripped them up and used them to tape off the center part of the night stands. I sprayed the outsides, the top and the face of the drawer with the semi-gloss black spray paint. The paint dries pretty fast, specially when you sweep super thin layers upon super thin layers. Round and round the stands I went until I was satisfied that they had even and thorough coverage. I left the stands to dry overnight one more time.
The spray paints I used.

The result is so beautiful, I could NOT have purchased more magnificent, perfect side tables if I googled for a week straight. The colors match the temporary wallpaper I put up on one of the walls and the black/gold/crystal glamorous style I am going for in the room. I could not be more pleased with the outcome! See for yourself below:

The actual BEFORE

The actual AFTER.

Huge difference, eh?

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