Contrail vs Chemtrail The Thought Process

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I'm at the park on a warm, relatively windless Spring/Summer day. I lie back on my picnic blanket and look into the sky. I see something that looks strange to me. I see:
-an airplane moving across the sky leaving a visible, white trail behind it
-other linear cloud-like trails that, and in combination with the one left by the airplane, make a grid-like pattern that covers most of the sky, horizon to horizon
-the linear clouds spread out and linger for several hours as I lie and observe
-the airplane that is leaving the trail of white substance all of the sudden stops leaving a trail for a beat, then it starts up again.

I wonder what is going on. At this point I think back in my memory if I have seen this before in my life. I decide that I have not seen anything quite this extensive when I was younger. 

What am I to do to figure this out? First I can think about my memories. I am certain that this amount of aircraft activity and all these trails were not present when I was younger and would look to the sky. This needs to be further investigated. I first need to understand that my own memory is a terrible base for conclusions. There are multiple studies, too many to not listen to or at least enough to doubt my own memory. The brain does not like empty space so it often creates false memories to fill the void. When I look back, I can not trust what I am recalling because the mind can play tricks like that. An example of the leading expert talking about this memory issue can be seen here

I am not worried because I can find other ways to address the question of whether this is a new phenomenon. I want to first know if there is documentation to prove that there are more aircrafts in the air at any given time than in the past and have there always been these white, puffy trails in the sky or is this a relatively new occurrence? 

I look at airline data and I find that yes, there has been an increase in the number of planes in the air at any given time since the beginning of the use of aircrafts. 

Increase in commercial airplane use.

Now I need to know if these trails of white are a new occurrence or have they, in fact, been happening for a long time and I am only now just noticing? I found photographs that show these trails throughout history. 

This means that my memory is false and I have proof that there are more airplanes now than in the past and the number is increasing. I also have proof that these trails have been happening for decades, from the beginning of aircraft use.
1944 Contrails
1945 contrails

1954 contrails

1963 contrails

1977 contrails

More 1977 contrails

1987 contrails

1989 contrails

1990 contrails

Next I want to know if these patterns I see are normal or abnomal. The grid shape and the looping shapes. I checked the flight patterns of various airlines and I see that the planes fly in a north south and east west pattern all the time. I have, personally, been on a flight in Heathrow, London, where we were on a holding pattern that had horrible, tight turns. We did a massive oval pattern for probably a half hour. I can confirm that planes do both crosshatch patterns, parallel patterns and looping patterns. This is very normal. Good. 

Planes criss crossing the US

Now I need to answer the more important questions. What can cause these trails and what can they made be made of? I learned that when flying, the aircrafts produce an exhaust and in the extreme and varying temperatures in the altitudes that airplanes fly at that exhaust can cause clouds to form. Depending on the conditions of the air, the clouds that form can be thick and stay for hours, they can stay thin and stay for hours, they can spread out and cover the sky and stay for hours, they can dissipate immediately, they can be produced visibly for a stretch of sky, then when the plane hits a pocket of different physiology, no trail will be produced. This explains what it was I saw in the sky. Here is a simple description from Encyclopedia Britannica: 

Contrail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. It forms upon condensation of the water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in the airplane engines. When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last for several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outwards to form a layer of cirrus cloud.
vapour trail. (2007). In Encyclop√¶dia Britannica.Retrieved May 4, 2007,from Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Online:

An example of planes crossing paths at what appears to be the same altitude but our eyes obviously deceive us.

So what are these trails composed of? I read in places like here, that these tails have been tested and it contains mostly water. Here is a very in depth study done on the chemistry of these cloud trails.

I feel confident that I have solved the questions I had about what I saw in the sky. A variation of engine type and weather condition (both of which can vary for any reason) causes varying shapes of these trails but they are very well explained. Here is an journal showing that these clouds are common around the globe.

I have absolutely no reason to add anything to what is a perfectly explained and very common phenomenon. In fact, this was explained as far back as 1921 as I found this article explaining what these long trails are. I could make up other things like there are dragons sitting on the planes, exuding smoke, that that can't be true because the trails have been analyzed and the analyses show that it is composed mostly of water. This is consistent with it being a byproduct of exhaust.  

Why am I noticing these cloud trails now? Well, there are more airplanes in the air now. More airplanes equals more exhaust trails.  

Examples of condensation trails that I found pretty.

I found a bunch of beautiful shots of this ice cloud that is formed. Looking at these and looking back on the research I did makes me feel satisfied that nothing is wrong with these pictures. Everything shown on this blog page is a perfectly natural occurring event. Yes, I saw it all with my own eyes, and even though sometimes they can, it appears that my eyes do not deceive me, they look like clouds, they are proven to be clouds. Nothing to worry about at all. 

It is such a common and natural occurrence that it can even be predicted just like the weather. Here is a website from NASA that based on the current atmospheric conditions in real time, it can predict when and where these clouds will form.

Some people have had the same questions that I had about these condensation trails and they, too, did some research. Unfortunately, they came across some scary sites that say these clouds are actually chemicals being sprayed over the populous. The thing about that theory is that none of it makes sense. People are making money off of poor, curious people, like myself by selling the idea that these clouds are something more than ice. They use us by saying we should believe our eyes. My eyes see a cloud but some can say it looks suspicious. In a regular person's mind it could look like something is coming OUT of the plane other than exhaust. That in combination of the fact that these clouds can form in patches (we now know that is because of variations in weather), and can come from some planes and not others (we now know that there could be differing elevations, engines, weather etc in very small areas) and that the planes seem to criss cross the sky (which we now know is because there are a lot more planes in the sky than there used to be) and the fact that these clouds can sometimes disappear immediately after forming and they can also persist and spread out across the sky for hours and hours (just like regular clouds)...all this together makes these fear mongers catch hold of our attention. The problem is, these people have nothing to back up their statements. Sure, there are patents for chemical spraying and geo-engineering. But there are also patents for pretty much anything. Like this one for making unicorns. But just because someone patented it, is a FAR reach from anyone implementing it. It is also can not be considered proof in any way shape or form.

These sites also bring up the fact that governments have admitted to spraying the general public. Yes, that is true, they have. That spraying is not only admitted, it is available for your review. You will find that all the admitted spraying done looked NOTHING like a contrail. That spraying was MOSTLY done from truck, in fact. So that means absolutely nothing and helps not the suggestion that the cloud we see trailing the airplanes has some sort of chemical in them. These websites also suggest that geo-engineering is a possible reason for those clouds but that is also not true. We can find that out by reading all the readily available documents that are not hidden from the public in anyway. Turns out geo-engineering, or cloud seeding, is a known phenomenom and looks and acts NOTHING like a condensation trail. So since we know what spraying chemicals looks like and we know what geo-engineering looks like and it doesn't look like the clouds behind an airplane, we can safely say, sure these things may be going on or have happened in the past, but that is not what we are seeing striping across our blue skies.

Finally, people try to say there is an abundance of chemicals in the air/water/soil and that people are getting sick. There is NO proof of this either. These websites simply suggest that with NO data attached. I should say, there is some data. The data shows absolutely NORMAL amounts of things like Barium and Aluminum in the places you would expect to find those things. As for people getting sick, no, not because of these clouds. In fact, if someone was trying to control the population, like Agenda 21 for example, then they are not only trying to kill themselves and their own families but they are failing altogether. Human life expectancy is rising.

General graph showing the increase of life expectancy. 

I hope people who were like me and were curious about what is in our skies. I love to question things, that is why I became a scientist. Please trust us, friends. We are trying to help the planet by understanding it. What makes a good scientist is one who can keep an open mind. It is difficult for a human to do so, I know...believe me...but we should follow the facts and data. If I come across some facts and data that tell me that it turns out the government (or whoever) is trying to kill us somehow...maybe in our food, water, vaccines...whatever....I will believe those facts and data. I am always here to absorb the truth, where EVER it may lie.

Doing the research for this little blog got me absolutely fascinated in clouds, condensation trails, planes and the photos of them. The amount of variation I find just beautiful. I leave you with a picture of a Lufthansa flight over Poland at sunset. Beautiful.

All photos and references otherwise not referenced can be found here.

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  1. I like your article, and I like your evidence of years ago, what I think is missing is the other evidence that points to chemicals being sprayed. I would like to see a comparison done, that is.
    The number of planes flown to the number of contrails in 1944
    The number of planes flown to the number of contrails in 2010
    I believe that the trails were much rarer in relation to aircraft in the sky in 1944 and particularly, those crafts with the noticeable trails were part of airshows, or military. And now, they are commercial planes, private planes and unmarkded and military planes.
    But I seriously think that we would be a more fair comparison than pictures from 1944, etc. These chemtrails all over the planet and they don't dissipate, they change into a white haze over the sky and sometimes block the sun. Not like storm clouds do, the sunlight comes through but is much dimmer than if there were no clouds in front of it.

    There is more than enough proof of that. I guess like all such "conspiracies" only time will tell as our skies change more and more and more, and the impact of what is happening hits the ground and all on it really hard. But nice perspective anyways.

  2. The contrails in the 40's were all over the planet as well, of course...anywhere an airplane and the right conditions existed. The big difference is that now there are many, many, many more planes. Those planes fly much higher. And their engines burn far cleaner thereby creating more moisture to form and spread out. So doing a simple comparison of contrails to planes will not work at all. It's funny, as we move towards cleaner and cleaner engines to reduce pollution, a byproduct is a bit of aesthetic pollution, if you will.

    The trails are all over the planet because they are where airplanes fly so that makes sense. Some contrails dissipate quickly, some persist and some persist and spread out across the sky. This has always been the case though. It is nothing new besides the quantity.

    If you look at any satellite images of the Earth you will find that despite feeling like you are covered in contrail clouds from horizon to horizon, it is affecting a relatively insignificant area. There have been lots of studies to see the affects of this contrail cloud cover and it has been determined that they cause no significant changes to the surface of the Earth or anything on it (besides a little aesthetic ugliness like I mentioned). The thing you must understand is that contrails form where the conditions already exist for clouds. The plane just provides the nucleus and more moisture. So if the conditions are such that it would be a puffy cloud day, then you will see broken contrail lines. If the conditions exist that would be an overcast or hazy day, then you will get that. Additionally, many, many times, the conditions that form persistent contrails occur right before a weather front comes in bringing overcast skies. This gives the illusion that the airplanes caused it but that is not the case.

    The affect of the clouds formed by these airplanes on us below is so minimal that it is not even mentioned in forecasts or on the news. It is just common, expected clouds. Nothing to fear. There is also nothing on the ground to make anyone think there is anything but thin clouds up above. There are no dying crops, animals, insects. There are no sick people in droves. There is no blanket of chemicals. So there is no reason to think those are anything BUT clouds up there. They act like clouds. They look like clouds. They are predictable like clouds. They even chemically test as clouds.

    I spent several years in Northern California daily sampling surface water, ground water and soil for testing. I did this daily for an entire city. I am not the only one who does this. My city was a population of about 55k-90k. Cities across the country and the globe do the same testing daily. I, not once, found any elevated levels of chemicals that would alert me to chemical sprinkling from above...and certainly not happening for the past several decades. If that were happening, SOMEONE would have seen SOMETHING by now. But hundreds of thousands of regular Joe's like me are testing everything and no one is finding what one would expect to see were all these airplanes were dumping chemicals.

    They are clouds. That is all. There are so many other issues to worry about out there. Issues that actually have visible, measurable damage being caused. I wonder why people get all up in arms by clouds that don't even have one single affect on the ground as of yet after supposed decades of constant dumping. There is pollution, acidification of the oceans and much, much more that need concern. If there ever was a problem on the Earth from these contrails...that would be the time to take concern.

    Thank you for your comment!