Maui, Now and Then

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I am back from my wonderful trip to Hawaii. I have not been able to blog because I got a cold right when I got back and immedately following that, I got a nasty ear infection. But here I am now (mostly, I am still on tons of meds).

About our trip: We had an absolute blast. Going to Maui in the springtime is different from going in November. The sunset is in a different spot, for example.
Sunset in the Spring at Black Rock Beach.

Sunset from Black Rock Beach in the Fall. Way to the left.

Another difference is the wave intensity. There were considerably less waves during our Spring visit which was great for snorkeling. I do not normally snorkel that much because it hurts my brain after a few minutes but the water was so smooth I thought I would take the opportunity.
Slaughterhouse beach in the Spring.

Slaughterhouse beach in the Fall

Some things went a little downhill. In 2008 we discovered the Mai Tai Lounge and just loved it. They had wonderful drinks and a crazy huge selection. We ordered some pupus. I got the coconut shrimp and it was the best I had on the island. In the photo you can just barely see it in front of me but you can clearly see their toasted little tails sitting up. I was excited to go back and have them again. What I got this time was a pile of mushy, from frozen, tailless shrimp.
See the little shrimp tails standing up on my plate?

And now there is a pile of mush :(

Somethings never change. There are still geckos climbing on the walls:
Gecko in 2008

Gecko in our room 2010

Harry Troupe is still the best entertainment on the island
Harry in the Spring, 2010

Harry in the Fall, 2008

and I still love shave ice!
Shave ice in the Spring, 2010

Shave ice in the Fall, 2008

You will notice that my spring 2010 pictures are horrible. That is because I dropped my camera in the ocean the day we arrived and had to buy a very cheap camera to use the rest of the trip.

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