Surviving the Summer

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Since I got back from Hawaii I have gained a couple pounds. I try to keep a healthy eating life style but allow myself indulgence on the weekends. It seems that I have let my weekends spill over into the week as of late. I do not feel terrible about it though because I only have gained a few pounds and I have had a lot of stresses in the past month which have distracted me from my diet. Note: remember, when I say "diet" I simply mean the food I am eating, not some fad method of losing weight.

The past few weekends have been the opening floodgates for summer and I have been running rampant all over the state eating, drinking and having fun. A couple weeks ago I spent the weekend in Santa Cruz for Woodies on the Wharf.

Our car at Woodies on the Wharf

We have a car in the show and every summer we go to the wharf to show it off. It is a fantastic time we spend with the other Woodie owners. We do a parade, there is a raffle with all kinds of cool stuff, we go to the Boardwalk and we eat and drink ourselves silly. My favorite thing to get is a crab melt and eat it on the wharf looking out to the boardwalk and listening to the seals bark below.
My crab and shrimp melt

The Boardwalk at Santa Cruz

Last weekend was the Fourth of July weekend. I spent that in the Anderson Valley wine country camping. I drank tons of wine and ate really good camping foods like hot dogs, chips and dips, cheeses and, of course, s'mores.
My deeeelishous hot dog.

Snack time at camp.

You can't go camping and not eat a s'more.

I did go for a hike in the Hendy Woods but besides the hike, I have been being very unhealthy and enjoying every minute of it.
The hike in Hendy Woods

But I am no longer enjoying it. Time to climb back on the healthy train. Today is my first day. Today is a special day because it is the day I get my first delivery of farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and it was very strange to not buy any fruits and vegetables. I am not really sure what to expect when my veggies arrive so I figured I would buy a bunch of proteins and figure out later how to combine what I have to make a whole meal. I already have a ton of grains like brown rice, long grain rice, lentils and bulgur so I am covered there. I bought catfish (thinking it was tilapia. I need to read labels better), shrimp, salmon, scallops, chicken breasts and ground turkey. With what I have in my home, I don't think I can go too far astray from a well rounded, healthy diet.

Obstacles are coming my way though. I go camping again in two weeks and my pot luck group meets the following weekend. I will keep you posted on how I try to go about making those both as healthy as I can but don't expect too much!

One thing I am going to do is completely cut out alcohol for a few weeks. This always is a good way for me to lose a pound or two with little effort.

I am going to survive this summer and I am going to do it as healthy as I can.

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