Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

11:06 AM AirplaneFoodCritic 0 Comments

I am very excited. I have signed us up for a home delivery service that will bring organic fruits and vegetables straight from local farms to my doorstep every other week. This will benefit me in many ways.

The fact that the produce comes directly from a local farm means that I will be receiving the absolute freshest produce that is in season at that moment. This will give me a large variety of produce throughout the year. I have the option to select specific items or to reject certain items but I hope to use whatever they give me because that way I can expand not only my palate but also my cooking skills and recipe collection.
It has sort of been a little theory of mine that if you eat foods that are in season, you are eating healthier. Think about it. Oranges are packed with vitamin C and they grow during the cold and flu season. Fresh, ripe foods contain more of their vitamins and minerals. Even honey, if harvested locally, is known to lessen the effects of seasonal allergies.

I am also excited about supporting local farms. On the website they tell you what you will be getting in your box that week and which farm each thing came from. What you get depends on where you live and which farms are closest to you. It's like they were grown in my own backyard.
A week from today I will receive corn on the cob, summer squash, seedless grapes, ambrosia melon, yellow peaches, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, Italian basil and gypsy peppers. Think of all the possibilities for meals to make!

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