Let's Try That Again...

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I have changed my weight goals. I always have aimed for a particular goal weight my whole life. Today I have decided to LOWER that number. I may sound crazy but here is my reasoning. I have never reached my goal. Well, not since I was 20. I am always two pounds away. I have lowered my goal weight by three pounds in hopes that I trick myself into at least reaching my original goal. It may sound silly or petty but I figure, if you want to hit hard, you have to aim beyond your target. That is a little lesson I learned from a self defense class years ago.
As you may recall from a couple weeks ago I am already counting down to my next trip to Hawaii. I am taking it pretty easy on the diet front, trying to just stay healthy more than lose weight but I have failed miserably. What is it about this time of year that makes me crave junk food?? In the past two weeks I had planned to lose two pounds. Instead I lost a half a pound. This is amazing considering the fact that in those two weeks I had a pizza and cake party two nights, ate at A&W two nights, had Taco Bell and Chinese take-out and went to a 5 course fancy dinner on a train.
I ate a lot at Taco Bell

I ate a lot at A&W

And what is the point of going to A&W without getting a Root Beer Float?

I am astonished I managed to lose any weight at all but what I am really unhappy about is how I feel. Junk food makes you feel crappy. Period. I am not sleeping well AT ALL. I am grumpy, lethargic, irritable and I still feel hungry only hours after gorging out.

So I am trying again. Luckily, I have a long time before my trip to start over. I still have no plan other than to eat healthy, drink water, TRY to get a lot of sleep, do some mild exercise and control my portions. I got my veggie box yesterday and I took only fruits and veggies for lunch today. For breakfast I had a protein and carb packed meal of eggs and rice with truffle oil and a baked hash-brown patty. For dinner I am having a peach, toasted almond, feta and chicken salad.

My new goal is to lose around a pound and a half a week. Let's see how that goes.

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