High Tea

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I had the pleasure of going to High Tea last weekend with my Mother. High tea is a big treat for me. I have many fond memories of when my mom and I both worked in San Francisco and we would save up all our breaks and take a long lunch. We would walk to one of the most exclusive hotels and be waited on hand and foot for an hour. I do not know if I enjoy it just a little bit extra having had high tea in beautiful cottage towns in England but it is a wonderful experience for anyone.
It was a wet, cold, rainy day in San Francisco. The bf was kind enough to chafferer us into the City and right to the doorstep of the hotel. I love the City, even when it is raining, specially if I am not the one driving in it.

San Francisco in the rain.

There are several places to have tea in San Francisco. There are some that are just like an English tea room and there are some that are a lot fancier. We were going to the latter. If you want to have a more sophisticated tea your best bets are The Garden Court at the Palace Hotel, The Lobby Lounge at the Ritz and the Laurel Court at the Fairmont.

Garden Court at the Palace Hotel

Tea at the Ritz

The Laurel Court at the Fairmont

High tea usually includes tea (of course) and three layers of things to eat. I call it layers because it is often served on a three tiered serving dish. First you eat the savory sandwiches. This particular time we had five different sandwiches. There was a smoked salmon on pumpernickel pinwheel, a crab salad in a hollowed out corn muffin, a traditional cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, a curry chicken salad and a fillet mignon sandwich.

Our sandwiches.

The next layer is usually scones. In our case, we had one huge scone each. They had yummy, chewy dried cranberries in them and came with clotted cream, lemon curd and pears in vanilla syrup. We asked for extra clotted cream because it is so tasty!

Our tea's second and third layers

The third layer is where you will find the sweets. We were given five different confections. I was so full after eating the other two layers that I was unable to sample the third but the bf said they were the best sweets he has ever had.

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