Day two: Foiled by Fake Fish

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Even the best intentions can be spoiled by temptations. I made a mistake. I overlooked something. The result was not disastrous but I should have known better. See, last week was my three year anniversary with the bf and we always go on a trip to celebrate. This year we went on a road trip to Monterey. It was so much fun! We ate clam chowder out of bread buns, saw lots of whales on a whale watching cruise, we drove down the Big Sur coast and of course saw the aquarium. Monterey is only a few hours away so we made it a road trip.

When I was cleaning up the house to get ready for the new year and the new healthier me I missed one little detail. I left a MASSIVE bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers.

There it was. Sitting in the center console of my car. With all the worrying about the first day back to work on Monday I had completely missed it but on Tuesday...a Tuesday after what was apparently only a 600 calorie intake day....I most definitely saw a tractor beam it sucked me in.

So during my hour and a half commute to work I started nibbling on fish. One handful then another. I have no idea how many I ate. Then I got to work and went about with my day thinking that at least it was in the morning so I could have all day to sort of burn off all those cals and carbs. I had the maple flavored oatmeal for breakfast and Amy's Lentil Soup for lunch. Everything was going ok until I had to drive home again.

I wasn't even hungry but there were those fish calling to me. I ate another several handfuls. Then I got home and I thought that I would just skip dinner since I had eaten so much in the car but then I had my farm fresh veggie box that I get delivered waiting for me. Everything in it looked so tasty I had to eat some of it.

I made a simple salad with a chopped up pear, a little bit of feta cheese and roasted walnuts. For the sauce I drizzled some olive oil and honey over the top and put in just a splash of apple cider vinegar.

You might think that the salad was the lowest calorie thing I ate that day aside from the goldfish but it was the highest calorie meal. I am not terribly concerned with calories though because you need to eat calories to be healthy and olive oil and nuts are part of the high calorie yet good for you category.

So my intake for the day minus the goldfish was 920cals, 44g fat, 1510mg sodium, 137 g carbs, 29g protein, and 21g fiber. BUT when you add on the little crackers, it becomes a different story. I can not calculate exactly how many of the little guys I ate but it was a lot. I figure three fish per bite, one bite for every couple minutes on the road, 80 minutes on the road, comes out to about 88 fish per direction making a total of 176 fish.

This makes me have to tack on 378 calories, 13g fat, 675mg sodium, 54g carbs, 11g protein and maybe one gram of fiber.

This, coupled with eating that salad late at night caused no weight loss. BUT the eating was, for the most part, healthy so I did not gain any weight either so that is a good thing. In addition I have still been eating lots of healthy things. I had a fruit, olive oil, lentils, tons of vegetables and whole grain oats with minimal bad fats and sugars.

Loss: 0

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