iPads and Xooms

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A few months ago the bf bought a Motorola Xoom. He is crazy about it. We love all things Google and Android so of course we are happy with it. It has apps like Gmail, Google Documents, Google Maps, GChat, Blogger and many many more. I have not played around with it as much because the bf is very particular about his electronics and I am ...well, clumsy. I beat up my electronics pretty well as I use them. I am not delicate like he is.

I am going away on a two week trip this month and we discussed me bringing the Xoom along so I can video chat with the bf and dog while I am gone. I also wanted to use it to keep a personal journal. Every time I travel to places like Europe, I like to keep a journal. It gives me time every day to sit down and think about that day's experiences. I keep little pieces of paper like ticket stubs or postcards tucked into the pages. On long winter evenings sometimes, I like to pull out one or two of my old travel journals and read through to recall the good times I had. I also use the journals to help me plan future trips.

The Motorola Xoom

Bringing the Xoom would be a whole new, updated, version of keeping a journal. Plus, my hand won't cramp up every night as I feverishly try to jot down the day's events. I figure I can add pictures instead of ticket stubs and maybe even blog a bit from the road. I was getting excited about the whole idea when the bf gave me hints that he had reservations about how I would treat his precious Xoom. I agreed. I needed my own "toy". That way I wouldn't be afraid of how I was treating it because it would be mine, all mine.

After some discussion we decided to buy an iPad2. We figured, some people have two game consoles in their houses to play the different types of games, why not have two types of tablets in our household to use all the different applications? It was settled and the iPad2 was purchased.

The iPad2

I received the iPad2 last night. I was so excited!!! I opened it up and began to set it up for my trip. I looked for a way to blog....but found using Blogger was quite cumbersome and there were a lot of bugs in doing it on the iPad2. I couldn't use my gmail properly so I wouldn't be able to check my mail on the road with ease. There was no free program that would allow me to video chat with the bf on his Xoom. I even had to connect the iPad2 to a computer to get my music onto iTunes. It was a nightmare! I was miserable. We immediately bought another Xoom and sold the iPad2 to some friends. Soon I will have my very own Xoom to play with. So look forward to some blogging from the road from me! Hooray!!

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