Night One Of Vacation

9:33 PM AirplaneFoodCritic 0 Comments

Just a short post about the wonderful send off to Europe I am getting. I am staying at the P's tonight. I am super tired because last night was a bit restless with the pre-trip anxieties. I kissed my little doggy goodbye and my poor, broken bf and came to stay in my old bedroom. My Mom made the room into a totally awesome guest room. We toasted with some Roederer Champagne and bid each other bon nuit.
I am now cozied up in my bed with a thousand blankets and an equal amount of amenities....
Blindfold & ear plugs, luggage rack, bottled water, my favorite scented diffuser (orange blossom), a mini flashlight, a night light in the bathroom which holds all the toiletries one could ever wish for....and a small glass of grappa to enjoy with a nibble of marzipan chocolate.
It is a great feeling to be here. Even more so to hear this beautiful rain that is drawing me towards sleep like a Siren draws ships aground.
Tomorrow: fly to Dulles then Geneva. Drive to Annecy, France.

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