Happy Fourth, Everyone!

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I made it a month with out going on a vacation. That is far too long for me. Luckily it is the Fourth of July Holiday weekend and I am getting out of town for four days!

The past month wasn't without it's treats even though I did not go anywhere overnight. I still got out and away. The weekend I got back from Europe there was a summer kick-off party at my brother's where I had a bit of wine and food. It was lots of fun. We did go to the Fairfax Festival but that was not the highlight at all. Too many hippies for me. The following weekend we had a pool party at our house which was a good time as well. Then last weekend was Woodies on the Wharf as it is every third weekend in June.

The view of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk from our Woodie's parking spot

My family has a Chevrolet Woodie car and we go down to Santa Cruz for the weekend. There are around 200 Woody Cars on the Wharf down there and a fun raffle we usually win fun things. Then we drive back home along highway 1, the Coastal Highway.

Driving home in the Woodie.

During the weekdays I have been taking my cruiser bike along the bike path that runs along the bay. This gives me a little work out as well as gets some sun on my skin.

The bike path I take on my cruiser.

But now it is time for a four day weekend getaway and I am super excited. We go up to a great camping place in the Anderson Valley. It is full of Giant Redwood trees. We have to reserve the camp spot almost a year in advance. That is how popular it is, specially over the holiday weekend. We have a list of our favorite campsites and go from our first choice on down. This year we got our fifth choice. We have never actually stayed in this spot, we only have seen it on our evening walks around the camp loop. I am not too worried.

My little tent.

The weather is supposed to be in the 90's. The campground winds between dense redwoods which gives plenty of shade. The campground is located in the middle of the Anderson Valley which has lots of wonderful wines and wineries. We like to arrive at midday, set up camp, then go wine tasting. We buy several wines and bring them back to camp to enjoy with meats and cheeses and other hors d'oeuvres. When the sun goes down it is time to make the s'mores. We usually have a nice port to go with the 70% cocoa dark Swiss chocolate in the s'mores and call it a night. Sleeping in a tent is so fun. I love waking up to the view of the trees above, the fresh air and the aroma of people making breakfast.

The view as I wake up

The are hiking trails that lead through the dark forest. The forest floor is padded with carpets of clovers which all gives the feeling of serene coolness.

Redwood Forest hiking trail.

After a brisk morning hike, it is off to more wine tasting followed by another night of food, wine and s'mores. S'ore making is an art. From the finding of the perfect stick to the marshmallow roasting technique.

I prefer a bent stick when roasting marshmallows.

On the actual fourth of July we head out to the coast. A short drive takes us to the town of Mendocino where they have a cute little parade. They throw out candy and give free rootbeer if you are willing to run into the street to get a cup. We shop the town then head to the beach for a picnic.

Little parade going by in Mendocino.

Happy Fourth to everyone! Have fun and be safe!

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