100 Day Diet - Day 1

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Well, it happened. Yesterday I went to put on a dress and it DIDN'T ZIP UP!!! Arghhhhh!

I guess that is my wake up call. I have decided to go on yet another diet. I scrolled through my blogs back to March 2010 and started reading how I did it last time. I am going to use those blogs to help me through it this time.

There are differences this time. First of all, I have no goal like I did then. I have no trip to Hawaii at the end of the journey. This has always been my motivation. But with the bf getting into a major car accident and some job troubles, money is a little tight. I still need to set a goal so tI have chosen Thanksgiving Break. Who knows? Perhaps by then I will be able to buy tickets to some tropical place as my reward. Thanksgiving Break is 101 days away from today. Ideally, I would like to lose 40 pounds. I know this is unrealistic, but I am going to aim for that anyways.

Another difference is that I am going to try to exercise a bit more this time.

To begin, I am starting to eat breakfast again. I will try to eat breakfast at 7am, eat lunch at 11am, a snack at 2pm and a light dinner at 5pm. This might get all screwed up during Harvest but we shall cross that bridge when we get to it.
Also, I am going to start off the diet with my Super Soup that I created a year ago in March. It helped jump start my diet last time, I am hoping it does the same this time.

And so begins my 100 day challenge. Wish me luck.

Day 1: Weight lost: 0.0 pounds

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