100 Day Diet - Day 23

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I had to choose a magazine with Hugh on the cover *sigh*

I read an interesting little clip in Men's Health Magazine called 15 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabloism. I have blogged about the various ways to help speed up your weight loss and many of the things I have mentioned are on this list but there are a couple things on this particular list that I have not heard of before. I thought you might find it interesting and informative too.
Eat it.
The first thing is says is Don't Diet. This is something that I think we have all heard by now. If you starve yourself, your body thinks it is never going to see food again and begins to store fat. Then, as you burn calories, it burns them from your muscles. Muscles are a major fat burner on your body, so if you are getting rid of that, you are doing even more damage. On the diet I am on now, I am trying to eat all day long. The only time I do not eat is right before bed, with the exception of last night which I will get to later on. I try to have three meals and two snacks and to never be hungry except for at breakfast time.
Get plenty of sleep.
The next thing they say is to get plenty of sleep. If you don't get enough sleep your body is under a greater amount of stress and is less able to function properly. It also gives you less energy to burn off those extra calories. I always try to get eight hours of sleep a night. I don't always succeed but at least I give myself the time to lay down and rest.
Protein Protein Protein
The third thing is to eat more protein. I did not realize exactly HOW much protein one is supposed to be eating in a day. I was quite surprised to find out it is about .4g to .8g times pounds of body weight a DAY! That means I should be eating 60 to 100 grams of protein every single day. I don't even know how this is possible but they suggest that you add a serving to every meal. I do have an egg every morning and some sort of meat for lunch and/or dinner but perhaps I should try to ramp it up a bit.
Organic foods just taste better.
Next, they say to eat Organic whenever you can. The toxins in the pesticides are detrimental to weight loss among other things. It is more expensive but to save the full cost just buy the things that you know would have more toxins in them if they were not organic. This basically means, anything you eat the skin of should be organic. I already have learned to eat mostly organic because if my fruits and veggies are not, I dislike the taste. Once you have tasted farm fresh foods you simply can not go back to regular supermarket produce. There is so much more flavor when the fruits and vegetables are had crafted and cared for.
I wish my office looked like this when I stood up.
The fifth thing they mention is to move around a little more. They suggest that instead of sitting at your desk for long periods of time, stand up to do some of your work. An example would be to stand up when you are talking on the phone. I have to get up a lot at work but I do find myself sitting at my desk for long periods of time. After reading this article I have decided to stand up and do ten jumping jacks at least once an hour. I even set a little alarm. This will be easy so long as I have the office to myself. Once my office mate moves back into the room, which will be in a couple months, I might not be able to do that so easily. But we shall see!
I love my fried egg on toast.
I will go over the other ten in a later blog. I have bored you long enough
Yesterday I had my usual fried egg with tomato and mayo on toast for breakfast. I had cantaloupe for a morning snack. For lunch I had leftover tortellini with home made tomato sauce for lunch and yogurt for my afternoon snack. For dinner I ate a bunch of fruit.

Day 23 loss: 0.7 pounds
Total Loss: 7.7 pounds
Goal: 27.3 more to lose

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