100 Day Diet - Day 21

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I wanted to do this 100 day diet so I can lose weight and then I would be able to come back to the blog and follow the same plan anytime I wanted to lose weight again in the future. I didn't factor into the equation Harvest. I make wine for a living. For people in this industry Harvest is the big deal of the entire year. This year it came late but it came nonetheless. I got distracted. I always get distracted. But this distraction is the mother of all distractions. I was not ready to adjust. I think I am sort of adjusted now to the 6 or 7 day work week and the 14 hour days.
So what I am trying to say is, sorry for not keeping up with my daily updates. What have I been up to the last two weeks? I have been a very bad girl. I have been going out to dinner, lunch, even breakfast. I just dont have time to cook. Plus I am very tired so when someone says "Let's just get take out.", it sounds like the best idea on the planet. I won't go into detail but I have had Vietnamese, cheeseburgers, sushi, Cuban, sandwiches, home fries, burritos, breakfast burritos, ice cream, pizza, cake, more cake, pie, coke and lots and lots of buttered popcorn, to name a few. It is difficult when the person you live with is not watching what he eats too but he is on track with me now and we agreed to only have take out once a week.
I have fallen into a little bit of a routine. For breakfast I have a fried egg on a piece of toast with sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise. I love this breakfast so much that I always want at least two but I restrain myself to only one. For lunch I have different things like an Amy's Vegetable Barley Soup or a piece of baked chicken that I just tossed in the toaster oven the night before. For a snack I have fruit and plain almonds. I am just starting to check out yogurt too. I really like this Aussie Dark Chocolate From Down Under I found at the store.

I will try to check in more often, I promise.

Today's loss: 0 pounds
Total loss: 7 pounds
Goal: 28 to go.

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