Juicing Day Eight

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I have not much to post today because it is becoming "the usual" for me. I am having no trouble at all drinking only juice. I am not having any crashes, mood swings, weird bathroom times or hunger. I have not felt any of those things these whole eight days except for my grumpfest at my poor brother's barbecue. I did have to cancel my day-long Dungeons and Dragons sesh because I was afraid that I would freak out on everyone. I instead spent the day watching great movies which took up all my time and I went to bed content and comfortable.

Today is the first day back to work and as I have mentioned in the past, it is easier for me to be at work and juice than at home. I just keep busy and drink my juices as the time comes to drink them. I am running out of yummy veggies and fruits, however. I found myself last night juicing whatever was sitting in the fridge. This made for a disgusting morning juice. It was brown, way too sweet and tasted of dirty vegetables.

Part of my job is to be sensitive to a little chemical called Tricholoroanisole and it's little related buddies. I won't go into the chemistry details but it is a chemical that can get into a bottle of wine through the cork. It smells terrible and is the reason you taste wine at a restaurant before they pour you the whole glass. When wine had TCA in it, it is called "corked". Wine is not the only thing in nature that can be corked. Apples can be corked as well as carrots. It is corked carrots that made me dislike the vegetable for my entire life. I must have had a corked carrot when I was young and never could stomach them again. The aroma is a rotting, musty, dusty, horrible scent that no one appreciates but me most of all because it is my job to identify and throw out if it is anywhere near my winery.

This story is leading up to the fact that I have a lot of carrots left in my refrigerator and that is now the base of a lot of my juices for today and going through the next two days that will complete my ten day juicing. I think I will have to go to the store and get some more lemons, apples and grapes which are my favorite additives, to mask all this carrot. I think my afternoon one will be better but I am sort of choking down the rest of the juices this week.

Day 8 weight loss: 1.7 lbs
Total weight loss: 14.5 lbs

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  1. Hi Stephanie! It makes me happy to see you are still blogging and having success with your latest juicing diet. Was sorry to hear you are having pain :( Between the wine, writing, and D&D, you are even cooler than I even knew. I really miss hanging out. Ping me sometime, k? -Will

  2. Thanks, Will! As it has been going, I keep trying to find a way to lose weight to counteract the medication I have to be on. I have begun working with a nutritionist and feel very optimistic that I can move away from all these awful meds!

    Thank you for the "cool" comment, I recall calling a certain computer programmer cool a while back!

    I do hope you do not use Ping!!!

    haha ~Steph