Juicing - The Weekend

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For some people the week day is the most difficult time to keep to a diet. I understand that, you are at work, there is often free food. You want...or need...coffee with sugar and cream. You are active and need energy or you are sitting at your desk and can't help snacking. Perhaps you have to go out to lunch with clients. I do not have that problem. My troubles begin when the weekend starts.

My weekend began with going to see Prometheus with a bunch of friends. Popcorn with lots of butter was my enemy that night. I learned that if I sniffed the buttery goodness, it was enough to hold me. Plus, I made a fast juice before we left to keep me satiated. I also took a Vicodin as I always do before a movie so that may have added to my ability to be comfortable the whole time. The movie, in case you were wondering, was not that great. I should be a movie critic and everyone can read my criticism and do the exact opposite. I have the strangest taste in movies apparently. And the converse opinion of the rest of the American population...and beyond. I found the movie to be confusing. It had a lot of unexplained actions and reactions. Not much connected. It was like someone threw together a bunch of ideas and called it a movie. Perhaps I should watch the Alien series to understand it better but I don't have the interest.

I digress. I survived Friday and luckily, I slept most of Saturday. Waking up at noon I walked my dog and made a half hearted juice with what was left of my fruits and veggies. I went to a local festival with my family and then to a barbecue at my brother's. I did not WANT to go but I had agreed to go. I knew I was going to be all grumpy and the food was going to be fantastic. That is one great thing about my family...One of the many...we eat good food and we drink good wine. At the festival my brother was so kind as to purchase a juice for me. The juice was advertised as being watermelon, lemon and agave nectar. I asked to have it without the nectar and they even gave it to me for half price because of that. So that was my dinner. My mother told me the barbecue would be from 3:00 to 7:00 and I had drinken juice accordingly. When the party lasted beyond that 7:00 and the food had not yet been put on the grill I became agitated and grumpy. I ended up waiting for the food to be cooked, took some aside for the bf and hitched a ride home with my cousin who was heading out for the night like young people do. I did not come out unscathed. My mom made a guacamole that was so enticing I could not help myself. I took a half spoonful and sucked on it for about ten minutes. I figured mashed avocado is like a juice...right?

I came home and had a proper juice and felt much better. I survived the rest of the night by watching a movie which keeps my mind occupied. Now it is Sunday. I slept another 11 hours, walked the dog and made a refreshing juice of five grapefruits which, after I juiced them I blended up with ice in the vitamix and enjoyed all morning long. If I can make it through the rest of today it will be three more days back at work where there are much less temptations and I will have succeeded.

How I Feel:
I have felt grumpy over the weekend. BUT I also feel pretty. I have lost a lot of weight and my skin is really nice. The bf is very complimentary as well, in fact a lot of people are. I have had people coming up to me and asking what I am doing and I tell them. Everyone wants to juice now having heard how much weight I have lost in so little time. The fact that I am still standing and walking around after not eating any solid food for almost a week also impresses them. I am glad. We all should juice. It is fun, in a way.

Day 6 weight loss: 1.2 lbs
Total weight loss: 12.8 lbs

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