Fourth day of ten Juicing

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What I am drinking:

It is starting to be sort of the same things over and over in different combinations. I only bought a certain variety of fruits and vegetables so I can only do so much. I have to say there is one staple and that is my all green drink. I make sure I have at least 16oz every day and I actually look forward to it. It is a combination of as much kale as I can smash into the juicer, three apples, a lemon, a kiwi and green grapes.

I hear Kale is good for you. I am eating a ton of it.

How I am feeling:

I am still on all my meds for arthritis, including Vicodin for my commute so I really don't know if there is any change or not. Actually, I am on a new medication as of today. So needless to say, this isn't a fix all for an autoimmune disease but I never thought after five days anything would be.

I can report on the rest of me and that is going just fine. I have plenty of energy, again, mostly right after a shot of juice. I tried to have eight meals of eight ounces but I never found the time for that and reverted back to four meals of sixteen ounces which works just fine during the week. I am a bit afraid of how the weekend will go. At work it is quite easy to keep occupied and on a schedule. On the weekends my time is usually spent figuring out what to eat next.

Which brings me to what happened last night. I had just finished cleaning up after making all my juices and I was plopped down on the couch for the rest of the evening to mess around on the computer when the bf came home from work hungry. He has today off so it was his weekend and he wanted to do as we always do on the weekend and eat out. I am the only one in the family who has a car so he asked me if I would drive to the Mexican place. I was too tired and grumpy to bother. I confided with him that I have been craving a turkey burger for days. I should not have done this because my craving became his craving and he then went on and on about wanting curly fries and a turkey burger. Luckily I was in control of the car so he could not enjoy one in front of me. He settled for making potstickers at home. The potstickers smelled so wonderful but I was able to keep any eating urges down because I was not actually hungry I was just smelling that wonderful cabbage and soy smell.

An actual photo of an actual Sunshine turkey burger.

What I have learned:

I have learned that I do have some self control in me. I have challenges ahead but I have a bit more confidence because I am seeing results physically and I feel just fine energy-wise. There is no reason to not continue on for my ten days.

I have also learned that strawberries do not juice well and make the juice thick which I do not like. I tried to "juice" with my Vita-Mix a couple weeks ago and there is a huge difference. Do not get me wrong, I love my Vita-Mix but it is not a juicer. When the juice from a juicer tastes bad I can pinch my nose and drink it down. When the sludge from the blender tastes bad I have to sit there and eat spoonful after spoonful of horrible muck.

I have also learned that if I have something important to do that day, like meeting up with friends, walking my dog, or a business meeting, I should drink a large shot of juice about 15 minutes before and that gets me powered up through the activity. I will put this to the test as I play an eight hour session of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and a lot of Papa Johns pizza (my absolute favorite food in America) this Sunday.
It is that cheese..and that butter garlic dipping sauce that drives me crazy. SO GOOD

Day 4 weight loss: 1.4lbs
Total weight loss: 9lbs

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