Third Day of Juicing

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What I am juicing:

Breakfast: Cantaloupe, two oranges, four carrots, pinch of spinach, and a lemon.
Snack: Three green apples, a lemon, huge handful of kale and one of spinach, kiwi, green grapes.
Lunch: Blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, lemon, orange, pinch of spinach, couple carrots.
That last one there I tried to put a whole rainbow in the juicer.

How I feel:

I am still sleeping terrible and waking up confused by my alarm. This still may not be related to the juicing though. I took a melatonin last night to help fall asleep and that usually gives me really strange, vivid dreams. Once I was up I had my first juice. I am glad I made it the night before even though it still had a layer of foam on top. It was made and that is a big time saver. Anyone who juices will tell you what a huge mess it makes. Saving time on cleaning up in the morning is a very good idea. I just stirred my morning juice with a spoon and slammed it while I put on makeup. After that I had plenty of energy. About four hours later I crashed again. It seems that around 9am I get really sleepy. That is when I have my next bottle of juice and I am up and running again. The next juice is around noon and that seems to get me through the rest of the day until I get home. When I get home I usually am craving solid food but that is when I walk my dog and get back home to make the next day's juices. As I am making the next juices, I am having my last juice of the day and that seems to do me just fine.
As for my arthritis, I am still on all the meds. I still have to take Vicodin when I drive. My knees are just killing me for some reason. Tomorrow I start a new medication and try to go off the Prednisone.

What I have learned:

Going to bed early is a good idea for two reasons: I am getting more sleep and I am not hanging around for the opportunity to crave some late night snacks.

Tomorrow I am going to try drinking eight ounces at a time instead of 16. I will see if that gives me energy all day long.

I am going to juice everything for the next day the night before. One clean up and less foam!
Day three weight loss: 3.8lbs
Total weight loss: 7.6lbs

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