She's Crafty - Putting A Tree In The Bathroom

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This is the inspiration and can be found at the link below.

I have seen a few bathroom trees lurking around Pinterest. I have also seen a uprise in use of wall decals. The one that finally piqued my interest is one posted here. I originally saw it on Pinterest but did a little searching and found the original blog.

Example of a similar tree decal. Just type in "tree wall decal" to the search bar on Amazon

I searched and searched for the right tree decal. I found mine on Amazon. I like it because it has a lot of birds which I think added a bit of color and extra je ne sais quoi. (I refuse to use the word 'whimsy') I would like to give you a link to the exact one I bought but they are either sold out or no longer selling them. Which is strange since I bought it a week ago. Here is a link to another design I was thinking about getting. Another design that is similar is here. These are dirt cheap. The one I bought was about $5. Shipping is almost always free for me because I have Amazon Prime which I recommend everyone get if you use Netflix or shop online a lot.

An example of how my sheet of tree arrived.

The stuff comes on one little sheet which initially gave me a small heart attack because it looks so tiny all cut up like that. I spent a little time rolling it up backwards and then placing books on it to make sure it was pretty flattened out after it's trip in the mail all rolled up. I read stories of customers who didn't flatten it out and then found some corners of the leaves peeling up. No Bueno. I honestly didn't spend all that much time flattening because my chronic pain was a little under control so I knew it was then or who knows when. Plus my mother was with me and she was as excited as I was .... and as impatient. You know that whole apple falling close to the tree thing (speaking of trees).

See the little feller sitting on the light switch plate?

First I wiped down the wall with a dry towel several times. It is glossy bathroom paint so it tends to get kind of sticky or tacky. We centered the tree on the wall where I wanted the center of the tree to be. We worked to get one of the birds to look like he was naturally sitting on the light fixture. It was not a difficult task being as it almost put it's own self right there. This was a little 'meant to be' bonus of the design. That along with the fact that the tree fit FREAKING PERFECT where I wanted it to go. We pasted the rest and it went on fast and simple.

 Ta Da!

I chose a couple places to put up some simple brownish brass hooks that looked natural and also covered up the nasty holes left by the shabby apartment towel bar that was held together with duct tape when we moved in.
At an angle you can see the cut out of the sticker 

I love the birds flying up high. The BF is quite a tall man so he has something to look at up there too.

As a super fantastic bonus the tree I bought came along with an extra little branch, bird and a birdcage that I had planned to just chuck. I figured I would think it was cheesy and for five bucks I was not feeling bad about tossing it. Low and behold I not only loved it, it fit PERFECTLY, again, perfect, in the other corner of the same bathroom.

Oh little birdies how I love you.

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