Europe Itinerary Part Zwei - Austria's Salzburg and Hallstatt

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Salzburg, here we come!

I thought people might like to see more of what I have planned for next month's trip. I mentioned my first few days that will be spent in Munich. I have such great memories of the last time I was in Munich. Some memories are a little blurred, thanks to that darned Hofbrauhaus. Just to say a word or two about that famed restaurant/beer house, I recall visiting there multiple times.

The way it is laid out is with huge wooden tables. I never ordered food there although there is a kitchen. What you do is walk in and find a seat anywhere you can. You have no choice but to sit with strangers but that is what is the best part about it. I met people from not only Munich and other parts of Germany but American soldiers stationed in nearby Bamburg, British travelers, Muslim adults (not THAT Muslim I guess if they were drinking, but I don't judge), and more, too many to name I realize now.
Here is a big pile of friends we met. Try to spot the ex-husband.

I have a great story and a series of photos, that I can not find at the moment, of me ordering a dunkel (dark) beer. It comes in a big glass that I do not recall having control over if I could have a large or small. I believe it is a litre in size. If there are other options, I was too into the moment to ever notice and no one ever thought to buy me smaller. Is there a sign on my forehead? Some English folks sat across from us and bought me, "the lady", a hefeweizen, basically the other option to order, you get light or dark. I have a photo of me, casually smiling and drinking the dark beer, then a huge smile holding two giant beers. Next, a photo of me with both those empty and another bought by some German friends we made. The final photo is of me dancing on top of the table, arm in the air as I rock out to whatever modern song the band turned into umpapa. Good Times Had By All. UPDATE, I found the pictures. Please find below the series in question:

Here is one of the friends we made. Notice how many beers are sitting around? Pheww!

Here I am, so innocent with my first two beers...

NOW it's time to party!! Notice how NO ONE even notices me?

After our time in Munchen (German for Munich), we are renting a car and heading to Salzburg. On our way to the city we are stopping at a highlight of an earlier trip I have been on which is Castle Hellbrunn. This castle was built by the archbishop of Salzburg who also built the Salzburg Castle.  While the Salzburg Castle is a proper castle, this castle is his masterpiece of hijinks. In 1612 he built this castle as what I assume is a summer home. He rigged the whole place up to trick his friends with several clever waterworks. An example is an outdoor dining table made of stone that is jimmied up to squirt water up the bottoms of his distinguished guests. I just love it. All the waterworks still function and on a warm Spring or Summer day, it is a delight to explore the grounds. The tour guides are kind of like a disneyland guide which makes the experience all the more fun in my opinion.
A view of Schloss Hellbrunn from the fountaining dining table

After lunch and checking in, we will do the must-do touristy things. This is the town of Mozart's birth so we will visit his birthplace and residence. I am thinking about even catching a concert. The weather should be mild so an outdoor symphony sounds devine.
Mozart's residence.

Silly man in front of Mozart's birthplace.

For dinner we are going to this wonderfully inventive restaurant that, to put it simply, serves all their food in cones. Yes, cones. It is called Carpe Diem. I have not been there but I know people who have and I am dying to try it out because I have never heard of anything like it. We are staying in Salzburg for two nights and as such, we are dining at two different places so we made it so one is super modern, Carpe Diem, and the second night is super traditional at the Hotel Goldener Hirsch.

Everything is in cones at Carpe Diem

A bit more traditional, and fancy, at the Goldener Hirsch for dinner.

The second day in Salzburg we are driving over to one of my very favorite and most visited by me towns in all of Europe, Hallstatt, Austria. This town is so perfect and, dare I say, quaint. It is situated on the side of a very steep hill and fronts a gorgeous lake. It's unique proximity between the lake and hillside gives it it's charm. It is bunched up right aside the water so most hotels and restaurants are right one the lake or very near.
My beloved, Hallstatt, Austria.

There is a church there that has very little land so the cemetery is used to bury the dead but then the bones are later dug up to make room for the next. The bones are given to the family to decorate and then the decorated bones are put on display at the church on an altar. It is not a grim scene to visit. I find it lovely.
An image of the altar of bones in Hallstatt.

There is also  a nearby salt mine that is a ton of fun to visit. You get a little white jumpsuit that has a padded bottom. You get into the depths of the mine like they used to when it was in working order, by massive wooden slides. You straddle the slide and zoom down at a good enough speed that your bottom heats up. I recall my mother jumping up and down patting her butt because it was too warm for her.
An example of the wooden slide into the abyss!

There is more to the mine, much more. I recall being in a boat underground in a mirror-like lake of mostly salt. It is well worth the trip if you are not claustrophobic. Another thing I love to do in Hallstatt is paddle boat. I try to paddle boat in every town I have a chance to. It is so soothing. I am out there, alone, on the water, looking back at a view of the town not every one gets to see. I get sun, exercise and the silence of the lake. I am typing this and it is bringing me back already.
A paddle boat in Lake Hallstatt, waiting for me to take it out for a spin.

When we return to Salzburg we will shop the old town which is where our hotel is. It is, as the name implies, the oldest part of town where cars are not allowed. The shopping in Salzburg is wonderful because they have a wide selection of very modern and high class shops mingling with the more traditional Austrian wares. 
A shopping street near our hotel.

Some other things we will do is eat a Sacher Torte which is the pastry/cake of Salzburg. We will try to have it at the place of it's origin, Cafe Sacher.

The Sacher Torte

Cafe Sacher, Austria

We will wake up the next day, have what I know will be a beautiful breakfast and head to Mittenwald. I will share more later of our planned trip. I hope this is informative for anyone planning a trip in the same area. Cheers.

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