100 Day Diet - Day 3

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Still was too tired to work out. I started the day with another grapefruit followed by another fried egg on english muffin sandwich. I tucked a little of my remaining pepperoni and a little spicy sausage for flavor. For lunch I had the rest of the tabbouleh. For a night snack I had more almonds.
When I got home the bf was all about going out and getting junk food. I was able to resist at least. I had a Groupon I had to use at a really good Mexican restaurant so I said he could order anything on the menu. I drove him over, watched him get tons of super yummy foods and resisted the whole time. We got take out and I smelled the wonderfulness the whole drive back.

Once we got home, I was starving. He offered me bites and I just couldn't help myself. I eyed the spicy shrimp burrito. I asked the bf: Is it full of refried beans, cheese and rice? He answered: No! No! It tastes healthy. So I took a bite. Of course, it was a wonderful bite full of refried beans, cheese and rice with one little shrimp. I also ate a couple fried plantains.

Then I managed to pull myself together and steam up some green beans and bake a small breast of chicken. I nibbled on both but saved most for lunch tomorrow.

Day 3 weight loss: 1.2 pounds
Total weight loss: 5.2 pounds
Goal: 34.8 more to go.

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