100 Day Diet - Day 4

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I always lose weight fast in the first few days of a diet. That is probably just because it is all water weight or whatever. I don't much care what the reason is, I just love the fact that I lose weight so fast, so easily. Another reason why might be because I start diets on Mondays usually and have all work week to be disciplined. The weekend is coming up and that is where I get myself into trouble.

This weekend we are going to the Supperclub for dinner. This is a super fun place to go for a night out. When I was single I was a VIP here. I used to show up nearly every night. There are several Supperclubs throughout the world. We are lucky to have one in San Francisco. It is a restaurant, a night club, a dance club, a circus and so much more. The most unique part of it is that you do it all in bed. The club is made up of beds and that is where you eat and drink...in bed! They serve you a four course meal, that is delicious and there is a show between each meal. You enjoy your meals in bed while watching the show. I have seen escape artists, trapeze artists, opera singers and a stripper in a water tank among many other interesting things. Even the servers are interesting. I have once been checked in for dinner in the men's bathroom by a transvestite sitting on a toilet.
I will not be drinking but I will be eating. I hope I dont gain too much because of it. To help make up for the indulgence I will be making my Super Soup this weekend with the wonderful fresh veggies my wonderful mother got for me at the farmer's market.

My meal plan has not changed much. I had half of a grapefruit because that is all I had left and a fried egg sandwich again for breakfast. This time I had no pepperoni so I put some left over salsa on it. For lunch I had a small, baked chicken breast and a big handful of fresh, steamed green beans, both of which I had cooked the night before. To those, I added a little bit of some left over spicy, ground sausage. It was a heck of a lot of food to eat but I was super hungry. I had breakfast at around 7:30 and lunch at 10:30. I got pretty busy at work and didn't even have time for my afternoon snack of almonds.
When I got home I was so very pleased to find the bounty of above mentioned veggies and fruits that my mother left for us. I was so hungry I downed a basket of strawberries before I was able to put everything away so that was my dinner.

Day 4 weight loss: 2 pounds
Total weight loss: 7.2 pounds
Goal: 32.8 pounds to go

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