100 Day Diet - Day 5 & 6

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If Zed of Zardoz can fit in a bikini, I should be able to too.

Well, I was good for about half the day, then all hell broke loose. I had my fried egg for breakfast and a bunch of fruit for lunch. I had a ton of blueberries and almonds which kept me pretty full all day. Then came dinner time. We went to the Supper Club and it was so much fun!
Miss V

We were shown to our bed by a really nice transvestite named Miss V. I remember V from when I used to frequent the club more often. I decided to have a little drink so I ordered a vodka martini. The bf went crazy and also ordered a drink. All their drinks had bed related names. I think he got a slumbertime which was berry vodka and muddled blueberries and a pomegranate syrup. It was yummy.

The appetizer was popcorn with a sweet and spicy syrup on it. We gobbled it down and tried to eat our neighbors too because it was divine. The first course came shortly after, luckily, so we did not get ourselves into trouble. It was a lovely soup with chunks of bacon in it. The first show was a fantastic Motown/Soul singer lady. She sounded and looked awesome in her gold dress. We were quite impressed.

The second course was served in a dog bowl. It was perfectly cooked fish on a bed of lentils. I tasted sliced almonds and raisins in there too. This was my favorite meal of the night. I wolfed it down - pun intended....get it? Dog bowl? Wolf? I digress...

The second show was like a bordello dance with four or five ladies in fishnet stalkings and fringe lined bustiers. They went around the room shaking their heineys.
Booty Shaking Contest

The third course was a steak in a sauce. It was ok but I missed the fish dish already. The show after this course was a little different from what I am used to. The wanted volunteers to do a "booty shaking" contest. About 20 women lined up in the center of the dance floor. To my surprise, the bf joined the contest too. So did a friend of mine. I felt compelled to enter too since everyone was up there.

My friend went and shook his hips all around. He got low and he got a little dirty. Next, was the bf. He shook it all he could. The dj gave him the nickname Lurch. Then it was my turn. I was nothing special. I hiked up my skirt a little and did a booty shake but it was more of a booty sway. If I really got it all shaking, it would be days before I could get it to stop shaking so I held back. The other 20 women were wild. One girl got her entire dress up over her shoulders showing way more than anyone wanted to see of her. She looked like a nine year old boy in little panties. Enough to make a person lose their first three courses. There were timid ones, mostly slutty ones, pretty ones and hideous ones. I was not picked to go to the second round. The bf was though. In fact, he made it to the final round. Then, he won! We left with a bottle of champagne and a new nickname. Not bad for one night out to dinner.

I look forward to going back again with friends sometime. We were buzzing from how much fun we had so we had a few more drinks back at the house. We ended up going to bed at 4am.

So, needless to say, I went off the diet a little bit. The following day took me even further from the diet. With only a few hours of sleep I was grumpy but we needed to get snacks for that night's movie night. We went to Costco and picked up a boat load of fruit thinking we would snack healthy by making a giant bowl of cut up fruits. We got weird looking melons, a huge pack of strawberries, five boxes of raspberries, a pineapple and more. Along the way I was snacking on all the free samples of food they had to offer. I had a fried chicken sandwich, a cheese steak sandwich, chips and dip and some hot links. All that mini snacking made me even more hungry so when the bf suggested we just swing by Taco Bell I just couldn't resist. Two mexi-melts and a chalupa later I felt much better but much worse at the same time.
That night we ordered four family sized pizzas for the seven of us. I must have eaten almost a whole pizza all by myself. Movie night was awesome though. We watched Zardoz and The Room. Two absolutely great bad movies.

I managed to get ten hours of sleep that night despite having a bunch of friends over. Sunday I still didn't keep to my diet. We went to two movies. Saw Final Destination 5 which was even worse than I had expected. Thank Goodness I only paid matinee prices. Then we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a second time. In the course of these two movies I ate a whole medium sized bad of popcorn loaded in butter, a box of Reeses Pieces and a box of Malt Balls. I washed it all down with a small Cherry Coke. When we left the theater, the bf suggested we get sushi and I just cant turn that stuff down. We ordered six rolls, then picked up a giant bottle of sake.

I was feeling a bit sick from all the buttered popcorn so I could barely eat the sushi. I was, however, able to drink a bit of the sake. I drank just enough that my stomach felt better. Just before bed I gorged on six slices of left over pizza. Oops.
Papa Murphys
Back on track tomorrow, I swear.

Day 6 weight gain: 3 pounds
Total weight loss: 3.9 pounds
Goal: 36.1 pounds to go

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